Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trauma over Teeth

My mom and I went shopping today. We had a terrific time. I even got some Christmas shopping done and everything was 50 - 75% off. I felt good.

Then I came home. I was going to just enjoy the quiet of the house for the last hour before the kids got home, when I noticed a message on the answering machine. It was Thomas (age 10) at school. He was crying. He somehow got across the idea that he had chipped a tooth. He sounded like he was in pain.

Now, of course, I immediately felt like the worst mom imaginable! How could I be out SHOPPING when my child needed me?!!!

So, I called the school asap. Fortunately, the secretary knew all about it and calmed my fears. He was fine. He was back in class. They saved the chip. He hadn't fallen on the playground. He wasn't sitting in class with blood dripping to the floor.

Wait. Saved the chip?

I was getting ready to call the dentist when I decided to wait the few minutes left before he got home and see for myself. By this point, I'm expecting to see him come walking up the front steps with half of one of his front teeth in his hand. And he has my teeth. My ENORMOUS front teeth. This would be bad. And very noticeable.

I pace a bit.

He comes home.

And it turns out to be a BABY tooth at the BACK of his mouth. I'm not even sure why the school felt he needed to call me!

So, my day (and his) ended fine. No dentist. His teeth are fine. I may have passed along enormous teeth, but they are also VERY STRONG. Like a horse. :)


my3sons said...

Not to skate over the tooth trauma, but I can't believe you're doing Christmas shopping this early. I've always wished that I could be this ahead of the game. I was proud of myself last year for starting on Thanksgiving. You're my new hero!

Mom of Three said...

How did you know your comment would completely make my day??? :) Thanks!!!

I always shop this early. It's mostly just because I spread out the cost that way. Plus, the kids have birthdays on Nov. 26, Dec. 7, and Jan. 9. OUCH! :) Could have used some better planning there! :)