Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm always the last to know...

Well, evidently, this has been around for awhile and everyone has seen it but me. I laughed until I nearly cried! Maybe it's because I have 2 herding dogs. (Not that they herd, but they just know they could if we would buy them some sheep. In the meantime, they practice on our cats... to the dismay of the cats.)

"What Welshmen Do When They Are Bored."

And if the herding dog video doesn't make you laugh, try this one. :)

Ah, pugs. Just one brick shy of a load. Gotta love 'em. I didn't realize until after I'd posted that it was not very nice to make the sweet pug video follow up those top-notch, brilliant border collies. ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Castle - ABC

If you have missed out on seeing Castle on ABC, here's the complete episode 4 from this season. It's quite good! Castle is my current favorite tv show.

Yep, that's Nathan Fillion from Firefly fame. He plays a famous mystery writer (named Castle) and there is only one way to describe his role in the show, charming. The funny part is that you can actually buy Castle's latest book, which they highlight in this episode. It's on Amazon and supposed to be pretty good!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

You can keep the cows at YOUR local fair...

This past weekend marked our county's country fair and our local Octoberfest celebration.

We have all the usual fairings and exhibits. But I noticed one rather unusual addition this year.

You can have your cows and pigs at YOUR fair. At ours, "there be 'DRAGONS' here." See the "Dragons, Emergency Exit" on the back of the bus? That's right. They bus them in. But still, all in all, a fascinating diversion for the fair goers, wouldn't you agree? They put the dragons to work firing up the grills and toasting various foodstuffs. Dragon-flamed pulled pork, anyone? YUM! :)

I kept looking for an oversized door for them, but it was nowhere to be found. They must have been very slim dragons. :)