Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Excitement of the Zoo!

Well, we finally got ourselves to the Pittsburgh Zoo yesterday! It was FABULOUS! The animals were mostly out and alert. Sarah took tons of pictures and video with her new camera. It's rather nice to have someone else be the photographer!

The most amazing and scary thing happened to Matt (see picture). He was dressed all in camo (it's his style choice this year) and this huge TIGER thought he looked DELICIOUS. The tiger could not take his eyes off of Matt and as you can see from the pic, all that separated them was a wall of glass. Anyway, before I knew it, that Tiger ATTACKED the glass! I heard THUMP THUMP as his paws hit the glass. OH! Matt was completely freaked out but kind of intrigued all the same. He is all excited to tell his Kindergarten class about it. That tiger didn't take his eyes off of Matt until we left his line of vision. I think Matt was definitely his menu item of choice!

So, that was our excitement for the week. :)