Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Evils of Exercise

Today was my first visit to a gym. Ever.

I know. I know. How is that possible at the ripe old age of 43?

Anyway, today I went. I have a membership for a year. It was free. It's a great place. But, of course, since I've never been to a gym and I've heard that this particular gym is a bit... classy... for a gym, I stress over what to wear.

I call my neighbor and classy fashion gym short guru.

I tell her I'm just going to wear jeans. "WHAT?" she shrieks.

"NO JEANS. Get over to Penney's and buy some real clothes." (Remember, this is WV and Penney's is actually a classy choice for around here). She also knows that my clothes are all too big for me. I didn't think too much about that until...

I was introduced to certain muscle toning torture devices called WEIGHT MACHINES. Let's just say that baggy shorts are a VERY BAD IDEA on certain of those machines. I also learned that I'm not a real fan of my rear being elevated above my head as I lift weights. Especially in baggy shorts.

Now, I also noted some of the "fashion" at this place and decided that some people are just paranoid about the fashion police.

One man, wearing gym shorts held up by a BELT most certainly did not receive any fashion memos.

Back I go again tomorrow. This time to do water walking in the pool with the 80+ crowd. Doesn't my life just sound fun, fun, fun? :) I admit it, I'm really going so that I can lounge in the whirlpool situated next to the pool. :) That's exercise, right?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Shorts in winter? Say it isn't so!

I just love FALL. To me, it is the best time of the year! Falling leaves, Halloween, football...

...and Fall clothes! I love sweaters and corduroys and my winter shoes. Everything is all just so comfy!

So, yesterday, when I thought that just perhaps since it is now FALL and the temps are starting to be lower, that maybe, just MAYBE it was time to put some shorts away and wear LONG PANTS.

Well, evidently, that is just fine for me, but the rest of the family rebelled.

I have no back-up on this. Not only does DH wear shorts during snowstorms, but a perfectly respectable dad down the street also wears shorts year-round. It doesn't matter how cold it is outside. They make everyone around them feel cold!

But, I am a MOM and feel I must instill some proper clothing choices amongst the youngsters. Note that not one child of mine wore long pants to school today. Tomorrow I am putting my foot down!

I mentioned this to DH.

He said, "Don't be pushin' your long pants - long shirts ways on us, Woman."

Woman? What is this, "Cro-Magnon Day?"

Oh, he will pay!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Something Is Always New

We had quite an interesting sermon in church today, or so some thought. Evidently, some were hoping for a little more (or less).

After the service several people went up to the minister, shaking in laughter. Why? Because when he announced that the sermon was on the idea of "newness," some folks in the back of the church thought he said that he would be talking about nudists.

They were most disappointed in the rest of the service. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Collie Photo Op

Our foster collie, Frisky got adopted today. I really hate seeing them go, but she will be greatly loved by her new family, so that made it somewhat easier. At least I wasn't bawling my eyes out as she was driven away. I guess after 15 fosters, I have developed some strength in saying goodbye. I used to stand at the curb with tears streaming down my face every time one left, then one of the adopters brought one of my dear fosters back for a visit. The little ingrate didn't even remember me! :) Just kidding. I was so pleased that he didn't. He'd completely bonded with his new "mom." It was wonderful to see. It felt really good to have a part in that.

The dogs generally come to us pretty frazzled. Often "thrown away," they don't know what is happening to them. Miss Frisky went from nervous to happy happy happy. :) You should hear her moan when she gets her ears scratched! Hilarious! And the way she talks! She doesn't just bark, oh no, she has this adorable way of speaking that sounds like she is trying to form words.

Anyway, I tried to get some good pictures of her today since it was my last chance.

At first, it was easy. She was sleeping.

That lasted about 2 seconds.

The next few were like this one. I need a camera with a faster shutter speed or something! :)

Here she is laughing at me because she keeps moving out of the frame at the last minute. Oh, I think she knew EXACTLY what she was doing! :)

Do you know how hard it is to fit an ENTIRE collie nose into a picture?

And here she is. Finally. Doesn't she look endearing? One ear flops down and one ear stands straight up. She's so cute.

So, this is my goodbye to Frisky post. Thanks for letting me share it with you! It helps in letting go.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I Love about Blogging

Yesterday, I realized one of the reasons why I enjoy blogging so much. Complete strangers find ways to be encouraging to one another. It's a really wonderful thing. Lots of times people SAY something encouraging, but those are easily forgotten. When something is written in a blog comment, you can go back and SEE it when you really need it. It's just great.

So, I guess today I just want to thank those kind people who have taken time to comment on my blog. :)

And lurkers, I know you are out there from looking at the page click stats on MyBlogLog and I appreciate your being here too. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Wonder I Avoid the Place!

I mentioned yesterday that I went shopping with my mom. Part of the day we spent in the J.C. Penney's lingerie department, a place I avoid like the plague.

I'm waiting for my mom to finish her special order and I start thinking, "Well, I'm HERE. I don't have two boys (age 6 and 10 and convinced their eyes will burn out if they spend too much time surrounded by this type of lingerie) with me. I have TIME to try on some of this stuff. What the hay."

In a fever of OPTIMISM, I grab a -um- garment in a size TWO SIZES smaller than usual. I am delighted with my bravery. I have lost some weight, after all. I'm still working on it and this could be just the incentive I need.

I go back to the dressing room. It's been SOME TIME since I braved mirrors with any kind of -garment- from the lingerie department.

It was not pretty. Not pretty at all. Quite horrifying, actually. I quickly removed it before I passed out from lack of breath. It was like a gauntlet!

Feeling more than a little embarrassed because I was SURE the lady in charge of the department could tell I was dreaming when I picked out the size to try on, I tried to nonchalantly return the item to its place on the rack.

I figured without MY MOM.

"Hon, did you try it on?"

"Yes, Mom. It doesn't fit. I'm going to wait until I lose more weight."


(Louder)... "Mom. It doesn't fit. I'm going to wait until I lose more weight."

"Can't hear you, dear."

(Even LOUDER)... "IT DOESN'T FIT. I'M GOING TO WAIT UNTIL I LOSE MORE WEIGHT. Thanks for making me repeat that THREE TIMES!"

"Oh. So sorry, dear."

grumble grumble grumble

As if being in that department at all isn't embarrassing enough, now I've informed all and sundry that I am too FAT to FIT into a reasonable size!

But, it was okay. She took me out to lunch to make up for it. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trauma over Teeth

My mom and I went shopping today. We had a terrific time. I even got some Christmas shopping done and everything was 50 - 75% off. I felt good.

Then I came home. I was going to just enjoy the quiet of the house for the last hour before the kids got home, when I noticed a message on the answering machine. It was Thomas (age 10) at school. He was crying. He somehow got across the idea that he had chipped a tooth. He sounded like he was in pain.

Now, of course, I immediately felt like the worst mom imaginable! How could I be out SHOPPING when my child needed me?!!!

So, I called the school asap. Fortunately, the secretary knew all about it and calmed my fears. He was fine. He was back in class. They saved the chip. He hadn't fallen on the playground. He wasn't sitting in class with blood dripping to the floor.

Wait. Saved the chip?

I was getting ready to call the dentist when I decided to wait the few minutes left before he got home and see for myself. By this point, I'm expecting to see him come walking up the front steps with half of one of his front teeth in his hand. And he has my teeth. My ENORMOUS front teeth. This would be bad. And very noticeable.

I pace a bit.

He comes home.

And it turns out to be a BABY tooth at the BACK of his mouth. I'm not even sure why the school felt he needed to call me!

So, my day (and his) ended fine. No dentist. His teeth are fine. I may have passed along enormous teeth, but they are also VERY STRONG. Like a horse. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008


Now, from the title, you would think this post would be about the raccoon...again. But, no, not exactly. Although, he was safely captured and relocated...without any help from lingerie models.

No, this post is about me... and soccer... and laundry. Mom stuff.

For Matt's last soccer game we were running late. And, somehow, I washed all the soccer clothes for Sarah and Thomas, but left out Matt's. Mind you, we have a SYSTEM. All soccer clothes go down the laundry shoot in a Wal-Mart bag so that I can find ALL the various socks and matching shirts easily.

Matt had placed his DIRTY soccer uniform BACK IN HIS DRAWER. He has a game every other day, so I just didn't notice until it was too late. WAY too late. So much for my system.

So, I figured he could just wear it dirty. I know. I know. I felt like a HORRIBLE mom. Dirty clothes on my child. A stay-at-home mom should never sink so low! ;)

But, he looked okay. He looked clean. We were the only ones who KNEW the horrible truth. ;)

We are sitting next to a teammate's mom and she starts chatting to Matt. Really, she was being quite friendly and was obviously trying to instill some MOM APPRECIATION (which is always appreciated, of course) in him.

Well, she eventually comments on how (you guessed it), he has a mom who washes his clothes.

OH MY GOSH! What are the ODDS?

And of course, Matt, being SIX, just had to comment that, "NO SHE DOESN'T." And offer PROOF with his DIRTY SOCCER UNIFORM...right down to the DIRTY SOCKS (which were in his drawer too).

I about died. Right there. Next to the dirty clothes.

Guess what! Today he has another game, and by golly, that uniform is SPARKLING! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lost and Found

Guess what I found today!!!

My waist!

Yep. It was there all the time, of course. :) But, my word it sure is
nice to see it again!


This is a pleasant surprise since the picture below represents how I usually feel!

A Man Trap

My best friend and I were walking through Kohl's Department store and discussing the raccoon problem we've been having.

Suddenly, we both halted in our tracks, because we saw THIS:

Now, don't ask me how we got there, but we had the same thought at the same time. WHAT IF we baited the raccoon trap with lingerie? What would we catch? I know, how silly. But, we were highly amused!

Because she was sure the first thing we would catch would be MY HUSBAND!

Hmmm...I am not sure at all what that says about ME, but it can't be good!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thoughts from a Cat

After reading my story yesterday, someone asked me what would make a cat go into a raccoon trap.

Well, first off, this person must not have a CAT! :)

And NO, I do NOT know what was going through Tigger's head.

I can only imagine. Remember, the trap was baited with peanut butter, not cat food.

"Hey! Look at this COOL wire thing! It kind of looks like Champie's dog crate! HEY! That crate often has FOOD bits in it. HEY! I wonder if THIS wire thing has FOOD BITS in it! HEY! I'm kind of hungry! HEY! Do I smell peanut butter? HEY! I've always wanted to try peanut butter! So, HEY, I'll just walk right on in here...HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

YOOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLL! Breathe. Repeat. Repeatedly.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today's story includes only characters that are fully clothed. No buxom lingerie wearing neighbors with belly button rings make an appearance. And yes, she DOES exist. :)

Remember the raccoon? Remember the Critter Control guy? Remember the live trap that was set? Okay then. Here we go...

Holly calls me yesterday afternoon to let me know that the live trap was moved to a spot behind my garage. It's a 3 foot space (like a tunnel) that goes the entire length of the garage...and backs up to our other neighbor's garage. It's full of weeds. It's kind of creepy. I never go there.

So, our immediate concern is for the safety of our kids, but they never go there either and that is easily solved. Next we discuss the safety of our cats. Again, I've never seen Tigger back there and it's baited with peanut butter...not exactly a cat treat.

Kids should be fine. Cats should be fine. The trap stays set.

Kim checks on it at 8:30 PM. No raccoon. Holly calls me to let me know. I roll my eyes as I think that canny raccoon is long gone by now (too many crazy people live around here).

At 10:00 PM, I decide to let the dogs out so I can go to bed. Yeah, it's early, but it was a long day.

I watch the dogs go out and then I hear a RACKET! I dash back to the door and peer out! Yep, they are standing at the fence and YIPPING LOUDLY (remember it's 10:00 PM and we live in a NEIGHBORHOOD with people who HATE barking dogs) so I hightail it out the door to quiet them. Plus, I am thinking...


The thing is, the dogs are not barking like they see a strange animal. It's the bark the collies give whenever they see one of their "sheep" named Tigger (our cat) or Pie (neighbor's cat).


I quiet the dogs. I listen.

I hear the most AWFUL sound coming from the trap! It sounds like a HURT ANIMAL!


This is supposed to be a LIVE TRAP...but could it have closed on a vital part of the anatomy of the critter?!

So, I usher the dogs back in the house (they are VERY MUCH AGAINST this idea) and grab my flashlight.

Remember, I HATE the dark. I HATE creepy alleys. I REALLY HATE being ALONE in those circumstances.

But, that sound could be coming from MY HURT CAT! So, onward I go.

First, I have to make a path through the weeds (trying not to think about what lives in those weeds and the fact that I am wearing shorts). Then I see the trap. I don't see an animal!

But now I HEAR the animal. DEFINITELY a CAT! But is it Tigger?

He's all the way in the back of the trap which has a garbage bag over it to (I assume) calm the trapped animal. (It doesn't work).

I tear aside the bag and shine the light on the animal's fur...IT'S TIGGER! AND HE IS YOWLING LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE. And it is ECHOING between the two garages and probably WAKING UP PEOPLE FOR MILES AROUND.

Of course, I panic. I can't tell if his tail is hurt or what. So, I can't figure out the release mechanism. But, I figure I can at least get rid of the ECHO, so I pick up the trap and take it into the alley.

OH MY! I think Tigger got even LOUDER!

Then our collie Champie finds his way back into the backyard. I guess he's learned how to open doors or apparate. He was determined to return to the aid of his sheep!

I am trying REALLY HARD to NOT think about our city's disturbing the peace ordinances.

All I can think is that I NEED HELP and canine help is not doing it for me!

I carry the trap through our yard and over to the NEIGHBOR'S PORCH. I know they are up and they called the Critter Control guy, after all. Besides, Kim is a Princeton grad and I am confident he can figure out the trap release.

You never saw two more horrified people answer their door in your life! 10:15 PM, DARK, with a YOWLING banshee, I mean CAT, on their porch.

Kim calmly released Tigger who TOOK off to our porch. GLARING at his rescuers.

Dumb cat. Dumb dumb dumb cat.

Oh WAIT! That's not a picture of TIGGER! That's just what he SOUNDED like last night...while in the trap.

Here he is...looking all sweet and innocent...and QUIET. As you can see, collies LOVE Tigger. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It’s a Rabid Raccoon World

We have a wild raccoon wandering the neighborhood and it is freaking my neighbor out. She is just sure that if it isn’t rabid yet, IT WILL BE SOON. So, she decided to call Critter Control to come take care of finding the raccoon a new home.

Now remember, we live in the HILLS OF WEST VIRGINIA. Wildlife comes through our neighborhood in abundance. This time of year herds of deer stand on the sidewalks and munch on fallen acorns. You have to drive slowly. But, she is sure this raccoon is going to bite her kids, so I try to be a calming influence. It is not to be.

8:00 AM: Answer phone. Try to talk her out of calling Critter Control. “Just wait and see if it will go away,” I suggest.

8:10 AM: Call DH. Find out he has found a person who has a live trap. We can set it up tonight.

8:20 AM: Call neighbor. “Hey! We have a trap available!” Too late. Critter Control was already ON THE WAY (for a mere $150).

9:15 AM: Watch Critter Control guy as he is unable to catch the raccoon. Kind of hilarious, actually. We have one canny raccoon!

9:30 AM: Critter Control guy starts setting up a live trap in my neighbor’s driveway (because raccoons love driveways). I go back inside.

Now here comes the part that I am SO SORRY I missed. I thought CC guy was getting ready to leave, so I left too. I have stuff to do, after all! ☺ Emails to send! Blogs to write!

But, things were just getting good! ANOTHER neighbor hears the commotion and comes out into the alley behind our houses. She is home sick. So, she’s wearing a teeny tiny nightie covered by a teeny tiny robe and that’s about it. No slippers. She’s on concrete and it’s 55’ outside. Did I mention she’s feeling sick? I think the medication was getting to her.

She grabs the cage from the Critter Control guy and says something to the effect of how she’ll show him how to do his job (oh my!).

I think she was hallucinating that she was the “RACCOON WHISPERER” because she actually tried to approach the raccoon (who was calmly watching this bizarre scene…hoping the crazy people would go away so he could go back to sleep) WITH the CAGE, hoping to coax it to HOP RIGHT IN.


I wouldn’t be able to get my CAT to hop in a cage like that!

Maybe she was hoping it was a boy raccoon.

9:45 AM: Critter Control guy leaves behind a live trap that he has set behind our garage (an area where we have NEVER SEEN the raccoon, but maybe he knows something we do not).

I’m rather thinking HE has a story to tell tonight too! It’s not every day you meet a scantily clad, somewhat rude, RACCOON WHISPERER!

He said he’d be back. I just bet he will.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


How many times have you started your day hearing the words...

"Okay, whose nostril did my finger just go up?"

Really. It was said. This morning. In my house.

And all I have to say is, "EWWWWWW!"

This was before breakfast, no less! I may never eat again.

Before you toss your cookies too, let me remind you of the 3 collies that hover around the front door when they perceive anything interesting to be going on. A startled human, a sudden turning, a snorting collie, you get the picture.

I wish I did not.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Soccer or Egg Hatching?

Ah, soccer games with 6 and 7 year olds...

It's a whole new ball game! :)

Matt's team was zooming around the field when all of a sudden the soccer ball got kind of stuck between about 5 players. You can imagine it. 5 players all trying to kick the ball at the same time.

When all of a sudden one of the girls SAT ON THE BALL. Just SAT there!

All the adults just grinned and grinned because...it has to be said...she looked rather like a CHICKEN sitting on her EGG in the middle of the field. :)

These games are such fun! We never know what is going to happen next!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun Football Quote of the Day

I was watching the end of the Washington / New Orleans football game and I was amused with the commentary of the announcers.

It was the last 3 minutes and a rookie Redskins player had just made an interception that had fans screaming.

One of the announcers must have been caught by surprise, because when he tried to say something about how you could expect amazing things from that ROOKIE, he actually said...

"We can expect exceptional things from that WOOKIE!"

hee hee

I didn't know George Lucas had been recruiting for Washington! :)

That man has been watching too much Star Wars! But, maybe it is all for the good. I'm all for... more Wookies in the NFL! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Romeo and Juliet

My youngest son, age 6, has something of a female fan club. He doesn't really know how to take girls calling him and all. He thinks of them as friends and just giggles. He's just so darn cute.

Anyway, back in preschool, there was something of a war over him. First one girl liked him, then another. I was getting a tad worried, let me tell you! I mean, PRESCHOOL.

The strongest will prevailed. Natasha. For TWO years, she has persisted. She's a really pretty little girl. My son considers her a good friend.

Her mom told me her daughter's long term plan. Evidently, Natasha wanted my son to marry her and put her through school. At age 5. Ahem.

Her mom calmly talked her into waiting until she was 13. Well, there's a relief! :)

Today we pulled up to go to a soccer game and it was pouring down rain. We were waiting in the van and I noticed Natasha's mom in the next vehicle. I rolled down the window a bit and waved, "Hi." Matt and Natasha were somewhat frustrated to be able to barely see each other with the tinted windows...plus the rain. So, her mom made a Romeo and Juliet comment.


Friday, September 12, 2008

A Break, Nah!

Through the ordeal of DH getting his knee surgery, some have suggested that perhaps I should be nicer to him. Well, rest assured, I am! We just joke about a lot of things. So, no need to feel tooooo sorry for him! He rather enjoys being "blog fodder!" :)

He was able to give up one of his crutches and just use the other one on Tuesday. He was very happy about it. So was I.

So, I told all and sundry that I was finally putting up a SIGN in the yard. Attached to the CRUTCH, I posted a note that said, "HUSBAND FOR SALE, CHEAP."

Well! Can you believe it? NOT ONE OFFER!

So, I told DH and he suggested that the sign SHOULD have said, "FREE HUSBAND."

So, I tried THAT. Still nuthin'.

I mentioned this problem to DH again. He thinks that it is the same as with FREE KITTENS. You just can't get rid of them! :)

And before you freak out too much over this, just know that several women have flat out told me that if I am not nice to him, they will steal him away! He knows this. He just smiles. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dessert Personality Test

I thought this was fun. Choose your favorite dessert. Then, go to the COMMENTS for this post. I'll post the answers there.

For what it's worth, everyone that I know that has taken it has found it to be amazingly accurate!

Here are your choices:

1. Angel Food Cake

2. Brownies

3. Lemon Meringue Pie

4. Vanilla Cake With Chocolate Icing

5. Strawberry Short Cake

6. Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Icing

7. Ice Cream

8. Carrot Cake

Know your favorite? Now click on the COMMENTS link below. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And my joy continues...

This explains it even further.

I was chattering on (okay...and on and on) about going to Washington DC and started wondering how close Jamestown was (because I LOVE Jamestown) and I discovered it is only 2.5 hours farther away!


So, I mention this to DH. He is unimpressed.

"Jamestown? Who lives there?" he asks.

"NO ONE lives there. It's an old colony. It's COOL. There is GLASS-MAKING." I answer.

"OH, well then," he comments (with an undertone of dripping sarcasm). "Of COURSE we have to go. Do they have basket-weaving too? And SPINNING? I wouldn't want to go if there was no spinning."


SEE why it is a GOOD THING he is going back to work today?

A Good Mood

I'm actually in QUITE a good mood today. No idea why. It's wet and rainy outside. I'm afraid to even walk BY the scale, let alone actually STEP on it. Matt's wearing clothes to school that match but look like a preschooler should be wearing them (yes, it's what he WANTED to wear and it just didn't seem worth the argument...and the clothes WILL disappear forever after this! :) I don't know where he finds them...). And on top of that, I have FOUR stir crazy dogs staring at me wondering what I am going to do to entertain them because they didn't get a WALK this AM (it's raining)!

It's seemed somewhat ODD that I could be feeling good about things...

And then it hit me...

DH gets to go back to work today (first day back after his surgery). Ahhhhh!

That explains it all! :) It was fun having him home....but it is TIME. :)

Spring Break!!!!

No, I'm not crazy...I know it is not Spring...YET! BUT I'M COUNTING THE DAYS! :)

Why? Because I get to go on a TRIP! Granted it is with a BUNCH of 6th grade girls as a chaperone for a scout trip, but still. I am thinking FUN will be had by ALL! :)

We are going to Washington, DC. I haven't been there since I was a teenager and even then it was with a friend's aunt and we sort of did a "drive by" of the important stuff and drove on to our actual destination. It was fun, but left one feeling like you missed something.

THIS time, we are taking a TRAIN (can't wait!!!!) and seeing monuments and MUSEUMS!!! We are going to the NATIONAL ZOO!


I just hope it all works out. Fingers crossed!! I know Sarah can go for sure, but it's a little harder for me to leave town. :)

Almost forgot the BEST PART...I would get to talk to REAL ADULTS, that are actually my age, for DAYS ON END. OH MY GOSH. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Soccer (Again!) :)

Thomas is actually on a fantastic soccer team this season...first time EVER! So, it's a little overwhelming to see them WINNING right away. :)

But, here is the AMAZING FACT that I learned about his team today! It is the reason they are SO GOOD!

Everyone wants THIS COACH because he is....

Da Ta DA!


Yes, THE Vadim Slivchenko! :)

How many kids get to have a former OLYMPIC hockey champ as their SOCCER COACH? WOW!

So, we are just going to sit back and ENJOY the glory by association! :) What fun this promises to be!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Newest Foster Collie: Frisky

We work with Almost Home Dog Rescue. They are based in Columbus, Ohio. Because of them, Bandit, the collie I talked about in a previous post, is going through a lot of rehab so that he is adoptable. You would just not believe what a mess that poor dog was when he came into rescue. One vet actually thought he should be put down, but another one thought he had a chance, so the rescue is helping Bandit.

Here's a picture of him before a bath. He had so many burrs on him that all the bath really did was get rid of some of the odor. You can't tell, but he was so thin that the vet wanted to refuse to vaccinate him since she felt it was too dangerous. He'd been that starved.

Bandit's sister doesn't have the neurological problems that Bandit has. She is his sister, although from a different litter. The original owner actually let the two of them have a litter of puppies together. They all died. That tells you right there what kind of person owned them.

Frisky (the sister), is only 2 years old and a complete sweetheart. She was housetrained almost effortlessly. She was used to fighting for food so she was very thin. It only took her a couple of weeks, but she is just fine eating alongside our own dogs now. It's amazing to see such a fast transformation. She's a very smart dog. She just loves affection and will follow you everywhere. If our dog quota wasn't full, she'd been living here permanently instead of fostering! She's going to be a great companion for someone. You should see how sweet she is to the crossing guards when I walk her down to the school with my kids.

Here she is! This is before a bath, but you can see how pretty she is. I'm just so glad she is rescued. She's our 15th foster and one of the easiest. She's just wonderful to have around!

A Melodious Voice

A melodious voice? Me? I think not.

However, I DID indeed receive that compliment today. It was quite a nice surprise.

So, to test the theory, after the phone was hung up, I asked Meg (age 10) if I had a melodious voice.

She studiously avoided my eyes and said, "Ummmmm..."

I think I'll be keeping my singing to a minimum. :)

A Goalie is a Goalie is a Goalie...

Found out today that in an attempt to keep Matt's 6-7 year old soccer league from KEEPING SCORE, they have RENAMED the Goalie position.

If you are defending the goal (which you cannot count) then you are the PRIMARY DEFENDER.

I can't imagine why they don't just run around in circles (on teams of course) kicking the ball at each other. Now, wouldn't that be fun?

No sarcasm here, folks! Really! (ahem)

And really. If you have a PRIMARY defender position, what about the poor SECONDARY defender? Aren't his/her feelings going to be hurt over being SECOND?

The whole thing just leaves me feeling somewhat flabbergasted.

Oh, and in the next league up, they MOST DEFINITELY keep score!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Matt's First Soccer Game

Matt's team won their first soccer game today! Wow! Of course, at this level we are not supposed to keep score, so SHHHH! ;) So, even though they (ahem) didn't know the score and were just playing for fun, they found it VERY FUN INDEED to think they possibly won THEIR FIRST GAME! Actually the team couldn't quite contain themselves and their coaches had to keep toning them down.

Matt loves to talk (no idea where he gets THAT trait) and was gabbing with one of the coaches about his past broken bones. He had a broken arm last summer and a broken nose this summer. Poor little guy.

Anyway, he just HAD to mention his dad's surgery. "My dad just had surgery on his leg," he said. And then he added, "he had surgery on his OTHER leg after a football injury in college. So, now he doesn't have ANY good leg!" I got a good laugh about that because I couldn't WAIT to get home...

And tell Rob...


hee hee (Yes, I had to go there!) :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Today's Quote


- Mark Twain

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Give Up

Remember my post about the bell and how I would NEVER answer to one? NO WAY! Remember that?

Well, famous last words and all that.

DH was (I thought) in a comatose state upstairs. Medication on top of coming out of anesthesia. Of course he is sleeping.

So, I decide to go sit on our porch and chat with the kids.

I am out there MAYBE sixty seconds when Holly (next door neighbor) comes out on HER porch holding her phone.

"Chris, do you realize Rob is looking for you? He needs you for something." Now, of course, I feel horrible. What kind of nurse am I?

Suddenly, Sarah appears with one of our phones. It's ringing. It's the intercom. You guessed it. IT'S DH.

Of course, by this time I think something horrible is happening.

"ROB, what is WRONG?" I ask.

"Oh, nothing. I just couldn't figure out where everyone was." NOTHING??????

He's been home for 3 hours.

This is gonna be fun, now isn't it? So, now he has a BELL. I may or may not respond to it. But, at least he KNOWS I can hear him and hopefully won't be calling the NEIGHBORS to TRACK ME DOWN!

Men are such babies when they have surgery. :)

Soccer...and a Rescue HORSE?

Finally, the day winds down.

Today was a day when potato chips at dinner counted as a vegetable. It was a looooong day!

Both boys had soccer practice. A teammate's mom took Matt to his, and I took Tommy.

Pretty ho-hum, nothing unusual...until...

A soccer ball went FLYING over the fence and across the road...and over the hill. Now remember, this is West Virginia. You lose a ball down a hill, and depending on how steep and long the hill is, YOU MAY NEVER SEE THE BALL AGAIN!

I was watching the ball and wishing I could help (I was too far away) when OUT OF THE BLUE came a MAN ON A HORSE!

Yes, a HORSE!!!

The hero on a horse galloped over and saved the day!

Holy cow! You just don't see that every day at soccer practice! :)


If I was evil, then I would tell Rob that the doctor just told me that he has to lose FIFTY pounds, not the 35 that the doctor actually mentioned. :)

If I was evil, I would have not given up my incredibly busy, fun-filled, stay-at-home day to go to the hospital all day. :)

If I was evil, I would told the anesthesiologist to go ahead and just use a hammer (hey, it was HER suggestion not mine!).

So, if I am NOT evil, then WHY does everyone in Rob's somewhat extensive fan club seem to think that I should be AT the hospital until he comes out of recovery? It is only 5 minutes from home. I came home to eat (and get away from the incessant talker in the waiting room).


AFTER the doctor told me Rob was fine and it would be a couple of hours before I could see him, I decided to leave for a bit. Feeling LOTS of guilt, I approached the nurse at the welcome station and told her my plan, FULLING expecting yet another person to look at me in derision. But, no! What a surprise! She said, "Oh, that is JUST FINE, hun." JUST FINE!!!!

So, I got a break and I don't feel guilty. :) Well, not much.


Okay, it's outpatient surgery. So, why am I nervous?

2 minutes and counting...

Rob wants to know why they can't do some lipo while they have him under...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ah, the Value of our Public Education...

Today Thomas came home and told me that he'd been chosen to be a Teacher Helper for Art class.

"It's a good thing, I guess," he said. "I mean, it's better than not being chosen at all."

I told him I was proud of him, of course. The importance of volunteering your free time and thinking of others is a valuable lesson to learn.

Then I asked him what he would be doing.

He threw his arms up in the air and said, "She said we'd be sharpening pencils. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY... I COULD BE PLAYING ON THE PLAYGROUND and instead I'll be sharpening pencils."

Ah, the lessons learned.

And yes, he really said, "Happy happy joy joy." That's my boy. :)

Day into Perspective

Thanks, Linda, for putting my day back into perspective with a little humor! :)

Here's what she just sent me:

"No matter what situations life throws at you!
No matter how long and treacherous your journey may seem!
Remember, there is a light at the end of tunnel."

Enlarge the picture by clicking on it...that way you get the full...effect.

Blogger Ranting - The Cure

After my rant below, I delved into my chocolate stash.

I feel ever so much better. :)

Thank you, Russell Stover!!!

Mess with me...make my BLOG! HA!

Being somewhat nonaggressive, I hesitate to tell people what I REALLY think at the time a particular rudeness is happening.

But now, the joy of it! I can write about it HERE and experience closure. :)

1) I note the lady with a full cart standing behind me in the grocery checkout line. No biggie. It's to be expected as it is a GROCERY CHECKOUT LANE. I continue to unload my groceries. I have a LOT of groceries. I look at the conveyer belt and suddenly realize that EVEN THOUGH MY CART IS STILL HALF FULL, SHE HAS PUT IN THE DIVIDER AT THE END OF MY LAST ITEM on the conveyer AND FILLED UP THE REST OF THE CONVEYER WITH HER OWN STUFF!!!!!

Now, WHERE am I supposed to put my groceries? I had towers looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa when I caught the cashier's eye. She was a quick study and made the RUDE LADY take a bunch of stuff off of the conveyer. HONESTLY!

Some people need brain surgery. As in, they need to have one inserted!!!

Ah, but my day is not done yet!

I arrive home.

I answer the phone.

And here comes the second RUDENESS of the day:

2) My SIL calls to invite my husband out to lunch. They are visiting from Florida. She could have called him at work, but no, she calls ME at home. She KNOWS I AM HOME and eating alone. ALONE. Did I mention ALONE?

Did she even give the MEREST HINT that I could join them for lunch? OF COURSE NOT. But, I am told to CALL ROB and tell HIM that he is invited to lunch. HUH?

I think the second one wins. But it is a toss-up to me. Thoughts?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Cake Wrecks

OH MY GOSH! This website is hilarious! I just spent an hour laughing like a hyena.

You have to go visit. Read the blogs from the beginning. They are worth it! That is, if you want a good laugh!

Cake Wrecks

This is not your average cake decorating website! The commentary is terrific.

DH's Quotes of the Day

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have been commenting on the imminent knee surgery of DH. He's had it before and doesn't think it will be a big deal this time, but I have REALLY enjoyed teasing him about it. A little too much, apparently. hehe

Today, he mentioned...

"I am LAME, not dead."
"You are my WIFE, not my slave."

Hmmmm.... Think I have been overdoing it a bit? :)

At this point, I think he is not sure if he is going to be SHOT or SERVED lunch! :)