Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He's Annoying Too!

Lest you think my dear spouse is a little too wondrous based on some of my latest posts, let me just share our most recent dialogue. (Yeah, I'm sick. It's SUCH fun.)

Rob: "Wow, Chris, you are burning up! You should go lay down."
Chris: "I was. I'd rather sit at the computer."

5 minutes later...

Rob: "Chris, have you felt the urge to wallow in the mud?"
Chris: (eyes rolling) "Why no, dear, why do you ask?"
Rob: "Because that is the test for swine flu."

Gee, thanks. That is SOOOO supportive. I feel better already.

But, he is making dinner after working all day while I lounged around the house trying to not feel dizzy. I think I'll forgive him. :)

Unless, of course, he persists in suggesting that the shivering alternating with sweating spells is really some kind of early onset menopause.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Biggest Snake Found Dead

(Turn up your volume so you can hear the dialogue).

Biggest snake found dead. Click here to view.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I Feel Good

Rob has been extraordinary Super Husband for the past day. He fixed our fence, found my lost cat, fixed our air conditioner drainage pipe, picked up our son from camp, got our old Toyota ready to put up for sale, AND he spent the day at work today.


When he came upstairs after fixing the pipe, he said, "I feel good!" I knew that he would now. :)

I'm really thinking maybe I should have provided something better than leftovers for dinner. ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Detestable Man

I have an evil and detestable husband.


And detestable.


Oh, that will become obvious as you read along. Rest assured, this story completely undoes any positive (and glowing) effects that he had today when he told me (for the first time in 20 years) that I looked beautiful.


But, I digress.

No, the new memorable moment of today occurred just a few moments ago and sent me running out of the house (into the pitch black night) in a blind panic.

My evil spouse decided he was hungry at 10 PM. (I am on a diet). He went and made a double cheese grilled cheese sandwich. (I am on a diet). It had provolone and american cheese on it. (I am on a diet). It had whole wheat bread. (I am on a diet). He put 7 perfect rounds of pepperoni on it. (I am on a diet). It smelled of gooey lusciousness. (I am on a diet).

He came and sat down in the same room with me, incredible smells emulating from a plate carrying not one but TWO heavenly sandwiches.

I started to drool. I asked, "Can I just taste one?"

"Of course!" he said.

I took a bite. I sighed. It was perfection. I nibbled along the edge. He said, "I made one just for you."


"I made one just for you!"

"AAAGH!" That sandwich was way too delicious to walk away from. I had to RUN. Outside. Fast. WithOUT that sandwich.

So, I saved myself from his evil machinations. That Robert with his, "You're beautiful," and his, "Here, I made this incredible sandwich just for you," comments. I am not fooled!

He's just throwing me off my guard so he can lose more weight than me in our weight loss race! I know it! HA! ;) (WINK)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Humor Right Now Would Be GOOD

I hope some of you have some commenting humor in you today because I sure need it!

I just stepped in ankle deep water in our basement. The part of the basement containing boxes and boxes of old (but new) inventory from my online business. Stuffed bears do NOT do well in water. They never learned to swim.

I immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

I told Rob.

He's on it.

Bless him.

I can't even think about all the damage.

Apparently, it's a leaking pipe.

I need some tea.

And maybe some life preservers for the bears.

UPDATE: Minimal damage, all things considered, and my dear spouse is fixing the pipe issue himself, probably saving us a couple hundred dollars. Isn't he great? :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

One Left in the Nest

This has been a very unusual week in our household. Usually summer is busy and NOISY. Well, this week my youngest has been the only one at home. The oldest two are gone for the week. So, it's a week to spoil Matt and boy, has it been fun!

He has swim lessons each morning and finally got to swim across the DEEP end by himself! OH THE JOY! :)

I think you can see his grin as he takes a quick breather halfway across. It's the DEEP END, by golly. :) He makes me smile.

We also can do other things that we don't do very often with a family of five... like go out to eat! Just look at the fun my boys had last night. :)

Who do you think was having the most fun? The 45-year-old or the 7-year-old? :)

They had a little competition for the winning drawing. You can vote too.

Plus, Matt had an overnight at grandma's house last night. We are seeing Ice Age 3 tomorrow. Fireworks tonight and tomorrow night! Life is good... and I think Matt's enjoyed being an only child for a week. It's rather nice to be doted upon. :)