Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It Happens...Whatever

Some days are just harder to "get it all together" than others.

I used to completely let myself get upset over "the little stuff" but now, it's not so bad. Sometimes you just have to readjust your focus and decide what's actually important.

I just shrugged when I couldn't find a single pair of hose this morning. Oh well. It's still warm outside. I will eventually find that new box of SIX pairs that I just bought.

I just shrugged when I used my daughter's conditioner for the first time and discovered I used WAY too much...and had to redo my hair...when I was running late. Hey, at least my hair is really soft today!

I just shrugged when I had no time to eat breakfast and discovered my "emergency" food stash in the van had suspiciously disappeared. Okay, that one was harder to shrug off. I'm a beast when I am hungry.

And I made it through. It was actually a good day! Kind of relaxing after the initial trial by fire.

Although, I just heard a rather loud noise upstairs. I suspect a catastrophe of some sort. I better run!

Or walk. I don't actually hear any screaming...or see any streams of blood...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Things I Learned Today (and all before noon!!) :)

Things I learned today:

1) When I enter the WV State Police Barracks, I leave my brain at the door.

2) People who drive enormous pick-up trucks are C.R.A.Z.Y.

3) I can buy more vegetables than I can carry at Jebbia's Market for $23. (Guess what's for dinner?)

Mental note to my children: Do not tell your mother that you feel deprived that you have never tried eggplant (implying negligence on her part) because your mother will stomp right out to the vegetable market and buy more vegetables than you ever thought existed for you to eat. YUM! :)

And there's MORE! :)

Things to NOT do in the WV police barracks (and which I did indeed DO):

1) Announce when being fingerprinted that it was MUCH easier this time than the LAST time you were fingerprinted.

2) When given the form to fill out, immediately fill it out with the WRONG NAME, and then be forced to either a) ask for a new form, b) SCRIBBLE IT OUT (Guess which I chose...)

And yes, I did indeed collect my brain at the door on the way out. Surprised as I was that they let me leave...

UPDATE: A reader just asked me if I was arrested today. hahaha ME! I have never even had a speeding ticket! So, I thought I better make a note that I was just visiting the State Police barracks to see the DMV for a driver's license renewal because the big 4-5 is coming up and my license is expiring. Honest! (My, this electronic metal ring they stuck around my ankle is itchy!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vive la Différence

Okay, so I've been something of a hermit all summer because of those procedures I had done. As a reward, I finally had my hair done (and by that I mean, goodbye gray!) and now I feel better about myself. I've been trying so hard to start caring how I look. I know it's superficial, but a couple of years ago I woke up and realized just how far I'd let myself go. I even purposely used a very blurry pic on Facebook when I opened my account.

So, this summer, I went from this hair:

To THIS hair:

And I have to say it feels just great. The hair stylist tried to tell me that this is my natural color, but I don't know about that. :) I think she was being nice.

After going a DECADE cutting my hair myself and paying nothing for my hair except a $1 bottle of shampoo occasionally and some hairspray, I have a bit of sticker shock, but I figure it'll take a verrry long time to catch up dollar-wise and I should just enjoy it. ;) Besides, it's fun to be part of the "Hair Color Club." Let me assure you, IT EXISTS. More about that another time. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Okay, maybe not the most wonderful, but being able to go out to breakfast with 2 friends because the kids are all back in school? PRETTY DAGGONE WONDERFUL!

We had a breakfast that lasted THREE HOURS. I think we needed the chat time. :) It was kind of funny, because all of our kids had experienced a meltdown in the last few days. School-related stresses, I'm sure. Somehow sharing stories with other moms just makes you feel better.

For example, I thought I won the "Worst Mom of the Year" Award yesterday, but as it turns out, I had some competition... if you asked a few kids, that is. :) All I did was ask my youngest to change his shorts. Yep. Change his shorts. A calamity, let me assure you. But, one of my friends simply wouldn't let her son have two eggs (to start with) instead of one for breakfast. He could have the second egg IF he finished the first. Uh-oh. Meltdown. We both completely felt better after we shared stories. I love how that works.

And, of course, we had to discuss the school system. We've all now had the joys of dealing with one particular teacher, whom we've nicknamed "Barbie." Ahem. Well, she does give off that aura. My one friend, whose motto is, "if you can't say something nice, sit next to me," thinks "Barbie" is dumb as a stump. Now, I don't know about that, but I DO object to feeling like I need to edit almost everything she writes, especially on the online school site. Silly me, I think spelling is important. (I know, I know, you can most certainly find errors in my blog, but I'm not writing to my students here, either.)

The other problem is her tendency to lack professionalism. For example, when we gave her a fan for her desk as a Christmas gift, she very kindly sent my son a thank you note. My son was 9 years old at the time. She's around 30 years old. She actually told him that the fan would be very helpful with her hot flashes. I kid you not. Tommy was most confused. It was obviously a joke, but for a 9-year-old?

So, my friend, who likes to chat, was talking to her electrician and telling him these stories.

My friend: "This teacher can hardly spell and she's so unprofessional!"
Electrician: "Well, that ain't hardly right!"

Yeah, you have to love West Virginia.