Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's a Camo World

Matt has been practicing being invisible. Well, camouflaged to be more accurate. He loves camo stuff. My dad says he's our little Green Beret. Anyway, he got a new camo coat for his birthday plus matching gloves and a hat. So, OF COURSE, he had to have his camo pants to wear with it AND he passed up hot dogs for the school lunch just so he could carry his camo lunch box. He is so funny!

Once he got to school, he realized that his good friend Lee has the SAME coat! Now I don't think he will EVER take it off! He's also counting the days until I let him wear his one pair of camo pants again. I think he wants me to wash them daily! He is just so much fun. Mind you, I am not a huge fan of camo stuff, but Matt decided back in July that he loves it. He equates it with being able to save people and with being a "good guy." So, that's a good thing, at least.