Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hey! I Can Cook! :)

Tori (age 6, my neighbor's youngest) loves to bake. Her mom doesn't. So, since I do bake and she has often sampled it, she now thinks I am a great "cooker." I guess if you bake cookies, you are a cooker. How cute is that? The other day she told her mom that I could be a cooker for the White House (which is her own aspiration in life). I'm really not anything above average at all this, but is sure is nice to have someone think you are that great! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tommy's Time Machine Story

I've only had ONE cookie today and am thinking I am doing GREAT, especially since I have 2 dozen sitting in the kitchen (at least until the locusts descend in the form of Sarah and Thomas after school), and I want about 6 more! But no! I am being good. This whole dratted diet thing really is working, even if my opinion of where the weight should disappear first is not the reality! And that is all the more graphic I am going to get on that issue. ha!

Here's my amusing child story for the day...

Yesterday I overheard Tommy (age 9) telling Matt (age 5) about how he would like a time machine. He was very clear that he did not want to use it to actually change time. He just wants it so he can go back and skip the days when he doesn't get straight A's.


Obviously, Mom needs to back off on the grade issue. Tommy always get A's. I don't know what he is so worried about. I've told him that the day is coming when he will get a B on his report card (Tommy must have been thinking, "HORRORS, not a B!", but I did not realize this). I was just trying to get him to stop worrying about being so perfect. That child is so much like me on the inside it is just scary.

I have about an hour until S & T get home. I better go get something done. All I've done so far is bake and socialize! Eeeks! Can you believe it? Me! Baking and socializing! I am feeling guilty but I guess there are just days when you have to have fun. I'll just work really hard tonight.