Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And it ends with a Snuggie (could be worse!)...

Today is the day of my daughter's Strings concert. She plays violin. Want to know when I found out? Yesterday.

So, yesterday I told her to get her outfit ready for the concert. They have to wear a special white polo shirt and black pants. Pretty easy.


You guessed it...

No shirt.


We tore her room apart looking for it and it was just not there. Sarah can cope with a lot, but it was a really tough day for her at school. Her best friends turned on her and called her things like, "idiot" and much worse. (Seventh grade girls... save me from the drama!!! And the viciousness!!) Even worse, her chorus teacher told her that she didn't do a good job on her solo and it might go to someone else instead for the big musical next week. So, the shirt was kind of the last straw.

I didn't want her to have yet another thing to deal with, so I pulled things out from every corner of her room today looking for it again. Then I gave up and drove over to Goodwill thinking any old white polo would do for one night and at least she could participate. No white polos.

So, I drove to Target. I love Target. $6 later, I had a white polo. I drove to her school. I dashed in. I asked the nice secretaries to page her. I met her in the hall... and she was wearing AN OFFICIAL STRINGS POLO SHIRT.


I was a tad exasperated that she didn't CALL, but mostly just happy that she dealt with it on her own.

Then I gave her a SURPRISE. I had with me something she has been begging me for all month... a SNUGGIE. She wanted it for a school project. I refused to dish out $15 so I told her she couldn't have one. BUT, Target (I LOVE TARGET) had one for $7.50 on clearance.

She actually squealed for joy when I handed it to her. :) I love a happy kid, don't you? She needed that, I think.

All's well that ends with a Snuggie. :) (Evidently.) (And this school project better get an "A"!!!)

(And I wonder why I get nothing done around the house some days!!!)