Monday, August 9, 2010

Jalapeno Madness

Yesterday I was making macaroni and cheese and while testing the noodles, I dripped boiling water on my lip. OUCH!

(Let me just assure you, there are easier and less painful ways to get plump lips than by dripping boiling water on them!)

So, today I have a blister on my lip and what did I decide to do?

Why, make a recipe with jalapeno peppers, of course! Jalapeno poppers, from scratch, so you buy the peppers and deseed them yourself. Which, I had never ever done before. (Yes, I like them already done and in the freezer section of the grocery, usually. Pioneer Woman, I am not.)

And what is the first thing they tell you to do when deseeding jalapenos? WEAR GLOVES.

What did I NOT do? (You guessed it.)

And what did I sample (against my blistery lip) as I finished them up? Yep. That's right. Cream cheese doused in jalapeno pepper juice.

YOW! (You may have heard a commotion coming from WV today around 4 PM... that was me.)

You may have heard it again at 4:15 PM, when I forgot myself and sampled the cream cheese again. (But you'll be happy to know I came to my senses before touching my eye, which suddenly itched, since I couldn't scratch it, of course.)

I blame this entire event on Money Saving Mom who told me how to get FREE cream cheese at the grocery last week, thereby causing me to have to come up with multiple cream cheese recipes. :) (YUM!) Cheesecake anyone? Lemon squares? :)

So, what do you think? Were they worth the pain in preparation? ;)

Click here for the yummy recipe.