Monday, June 30, 2008

Old Friends and Wild Travelers

I had a lovely surprise today!

My dear friend and old college roommate called me. She was traveling with her family and passing within 3 hours of me. I really wanted to jump in the car and go see her, but she'll be back again and I had obligations this week.

So, we are chatting while her husband is driving and I am amused by how cold she is finding Ohio after the balmy weather in her Florida hometown. She mentioned traveling up to northern Indiana and I couldn't help thinking how much cooler it would be up there!

Anyway, I so enjoyed chatting with her and giggling like crazy over their antics on their trip. :)

At one point, I heard her say, "NO, I said turn RIGHT!"

Then, "Where are we?"

And, "Did we miss DAYTON?"

And then, "No! The GPS needs to be in ENGLISH not ARABIC!!!"

Now, how amusing is that? :) I'm still chuckling over the Arabic comment. All of this was within about 5 minutes of time, so I just kept thinking, "I hope they are still in OHIO!" :)

Hope you are smiling too. Just thinking about chatting with Cathy makes me smile. She is such a treasure.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A little bit ago, Matt comes careening into the house shouting, "Mom, MOM, MOM! Guess What!!! We found you a SURPRISE!"

I'm thinking, "Wow! Those little darlings have found me some flowers. Maybe my day lilies are blooming. How very sweet of them to think of me." :)

I follow him at a fast clip to the front door and stare in some dismay at a STICK (proudly carried by Sarah) that has been presented directly in front of my nose for my persusal.

Tom, grinning ear to ear, delights in telling me that they found a HALF-DEAD LOCUST and that is what is perched on the end of the stick (that is coming closer and closer to me as I edge back inside the open front door)! WOW! What a WONDER! And best of ALL, Tigger (our cat) helped them to catch it!

Who needs TOYS when we have sticks and insects to capture! They are way more fun. As long as their surprises do not SLITHER, I am fine with them. :)

I hope you have a day filled with joyful surprises. :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Longest Day of the Year

I hope you are enjoying yourself on the longest day of the year! :)

Well, I think our Camp Rock movie party last night was a hit. :) We started the entire event with a picnic outside. The kids certainly seemed to enjoy it and we even acquired a couple extra neighbor kids who couldn't resist the sight of us roasting s'mores. :) They all really enjoyed watching TV on the porch from the comfort of a tent.

Sarah, Tom, and Matt did finally coax me into a sleep-out on the porch since the big tent was already up and we just had to add one more. They slept in sleeping bags and were content UNTIL they saw me haul out my queen-sized air mattress! HA! :) I was most comfy, even if FREEZING all night. I really regretted not keeping Peachie (my golden retriever) with me! It was a bit more brisk than I was anticipating, shall we say, and she is a superb foot warmer.

At one point in the night something four-legged came walking along the porch. I could see the shadow of it through my tent. I saw a SNOUT and a TAIL! EEEEKS! I woke up enough to realize it was probably my cat Tigger and not a GIANT RAT just in time to avoid screaming REALLY loudly. :) I did flap the tent flaps at it for good measure. I am not sure what good that did, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. :) However, that was still an hour of sleep lost forever.

Morning came pretty early. The birds around here are VERY loud. :) I think they were twittering extra loudly on purpose. :) So we were all up in plenty of time to go hiking at 9 AM with the neighbors. Our neighbors slept in the comfort of their own beds, so they had pancakes to start their day. We were more sluggish and less creative, so we started out with granola bars. :) We had brunch for lunch to make up for it, though.

The hike was tons of fun, as always. It's only an hour long trail, but we always find new things to enjoy. Today I sat at the lookout and just enjoyed the sights and sounds. You can hear the brook bubbling away in the background. The sunlight filters down through the pine trees and glints off of the surface of the water in the ravine. It is really beautiful and very peaceful. There is something about the serene beauty of the hills that speaks to your soul. I think God sends some moments just to take your breath away in wonder. It was especially peaceful because Kim took the kids away and down a little hill to sign a "signature log," so I had at least 10 minutes to enjoy it and revel in the joy of His creation. :)

So, now we are relaxing until we go swimming later this afternoon. It is a completely gorgeous day and PERFECT for being outside. It is a terrific "longest day of the year!" :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Lorikeet Adventure, Part 2


Remember my Lorikeet adventure from last week?

Wouldn't you think I would learn from that event? Evidently not.

Tonight was a members' night event at the zoo. Members were invited to go welcome the new kangaroos and wallabies to their new habitat. It was a lovely evening, so we all decided to go.

Of course, the kangaroos are in an enclosure next to the Lorikeet exhibit. And OF COURSE I had to visit them. Again. After all, it couldn't be any more DANGEROUS than my last visit. Besides, my fingers had healed up.

So, I somewhat hesitantly followed the kids into the feeding area. I didn't get any nectar this time. I am no fool!

Silly silly me.

I was thrilled when an apparently sweet-tempered bird landed on my arm. I tried not to think about the somewhat LIQUID experience my arm was having and the DRIPPING sensation on my shoe. At least I knew that the bird was now - ahem - emptied and I could safely hand the friendly guy over to Sarah (who was understandably nervous after last week). "Sarah," I said, "just put your finger in front of his legs, LIKE THIS," and I placed my defenseless finger against the bird's feet. CHOMP. Yes, that bird BIT me. AND THEN SOMETHING DRIPPED DOWN MY ARM...again! (Trying not to sound too graphic get the picture).

I am trying not to think about it when ANOTHER BIRD landed on my HEAD and decided it was a perfect nest. According to hysterically laughing bystanders, he was GROOMING individual strands of my hair in preparation for nest building.


Do I dare try again next week??? I did see where they need more Lorikeet volunteer assistants...

Hope this made you smile,


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ouch! Here comes a Lorikeet!


Well, what a GORGEOUS Saturday! We just got back from the zoo and I'm taking a break before coming up with something for dinner. We went to the Good Zoo at Oglebay Park (5 minutes from here). The kids had so much fun. They have gone so many times that I think the animals seem more like their pets! Well, the otters and chickens do...maybe not the ocelot or bears! :)

Matt got to the top of the first hill and he shouted back to me, "MOM, the CHICKENS are CROSSING THE ROAD!" I shouted back, "IS IT TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE?" (grin) Well, he didn't get it, being 6, but I thought I was hilarious :)

Anyway, I had the most interesting experience in the Lorikeet enclosure. It's new to the zoo since last summer so we've enjoyed watching the Lorikeets become more trained and used to people. Today I was practically MAULED by birds! Usually you have to have the nectar in your hand for the birds to land on you but not today! OH MY! I leaned over and they landed on my back. I reached out and they landed on my arm. When we first walked in I didn't realize how very friendly the birds were being and I coaxed one named Harry onto my hand. OUCH! That bird bit me! HARD! I'm standing there trying not to SHRIEK or (worse) fling the bird into the air and that silly bird walked up my arm and bit the inside of my ELBOW. OUCH AGAIN! Then back to my fingers. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Yes, I had BLOOD dripping off my hand all because I didn't want to hurt the little guy. One of the volunteers finally rescued me, thank goodness. I felt like quite the baby asking the attendant for some disinfectant, but IT HURT. :)

We were also so happy to see the otters were out and playful. We race them back and forth across the front of the aquarium and it is just so cute! Those otters just love it! Of course, Tommy and Matt loved it too. :) I'll admit it...I liked it too. :) Those little whiskery faces are just too adorable.

We left just as it was starting to sprinkle. Perfect timing! Perfect outing!

Matt was all happy because I made milkshakes when we got home. :) I resisted and had a fruit smoothie instead, so I am all happy that I not only got good exercise today but I am eating right! :)

I just love days like today.

I especially love everything starting to bloom. It's just such a boost to the spirit to see dead brown limbs turn into lush green limbs. And the flowers! I think my favorites are the pink dogwood trees. My neighbor a few doors down has two in her front yard. They are so very beautiful. Someday I want to plant one. No room in this yard, though.

I hope you are having a terrific day too!