Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ouch! Here comes a Lorikeet!


Well, what a GORGEOUS Saturday! We just got back from the zoo and I'm taking a break before coming up with something for dinner. We went to the Good Zoo at Oglebay Park (5 minutes from here). The kids had so much fun. They have gone so many times that I think the animals seem more like their pets! Well, the otters and chickens do...maybe not the ocelot or bears! :)

Matt got to the top of the first hill and he shouted back to me, "MOM, the CHICKENS are CROSSING THE ROAD!" I shouted back, "IS IT TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE?" (grin) Well, he didn't get it, being 6, but I thought I was hilarious :)

Anyway, I had the most interesting experience in the Lorikeet enclosure. It's new to the zoo since last summer so we've enjoyed watching the Lorikeets become more trained and used to people. Today I was practically MAULED by birds! Usually you have to have the nectar in your hand for the birds to land on you but not today! OH MY! I leaned over and they landed on my back. I reached out and they landed on my arm. When we first walked in I didn't realize how very friendly the birds were being and I coaxed one named Harry onto my hand. OUCH! That bird bit me! HARD! I'm standing there trying not to SHRIEK or (worse) fling the bird into the air and that silly bird walked up my arm and bit the inside of my ELBOW. OUCH AGAIN! Then back to my fingers. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Yes, I had BLOOD dripping off my hand all because I didn't want to hurt the little guy. One of the volunteers finally rescued me, thank goodness. I felt like quite the baby asking the attendant for some disinfectant, but IT HURT. :)

We were also so happy to see the otters were out and playful. We race them back and forth across the front of the aquarium and it is just so cute! Those otters just love it! Of course, Tommy and Matt loved it too. :) I'll admit it...I liked it too. :) Those little whiskery faces are just too adorable.

We left just as it was starting to sprinkle. Perfect timing! Perfect outing!

Matt was all happy because I made milkshakes when we got home. :) I resisted and had a fruit smoothie instead, so I am all happy that I not only got good exercise today but I am eating right! :)

I just love days like today.

I especially love everything starting to bloom. It's just such a boost to the spirit to see dead brown limbs turn into lush green limbs. And the flowers! I think my favorites are the pink dogwood trees. My neighbor a few doors down has two in her front yard. They are so very beautiful. Someday I want to plant one. No room in this yard, though.

I hope you are having a terrific day too!

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