Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Lorikeet Adventure, Part 2


Remember my Lorikeet adventure from last week?

Wouldn't you think I would learn from that event? Evidently not.

Tonight was a members' night event at the zoo. Members were invited to go welcome the new kangaroos and wallabies to their new habitat. It was a lovely evening, so we all decided to go.

Of course, the kangaroos are in an enclosure next to the Lorikeet exhibit. And OF COURSE I had to visit them. Again. After all, it couldn't be any more DANGEROUS than my last visit. Besides, my fingers had healed up.

So, I somewhat hesitantly followed the kids into the feeding area. I didn't get any nectar this time. I am no fool!

Silly silly me.

I was thrilled when an apparently sweet-tempered bird landed on my arm. I tried not to think about the somewhat LIQUID experience my arm was having and the DRIPPING sensation on my shoe. At least I knew that the bird was now - ahem - emptied and I could safely hand the friendly guy over to Sarah (who was understandably nervous after last week). "Sarah," I said, "just put your finger in front of his legs, LIKE THIS," and I placed my defenseless finger against the bird's feet. CHOMP. Yes, that bird BIT me. AND THEN SOMETHING DRIPPED DOWN MY ARM...again! (Trying not to sound too graphic get the picture).

I am trying not to think about it when ANOTHER BIRD landed on my HEAD and decided it was a perfect nest. According to hysterically laughing bystanders, he was GROOMING individual strands of my hair in preparation for nest building.


Do I dare try again next week??? I did see where they need more Lorikeet volunteer assistants...

Hope this made you smile,


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