Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A little bit ago, Matt comes careening into the house shouting, "Mom, MOM, MOM! Guess What!!! We found you a SURPRISE!"

I'm thinking, "Wow! Those little darlings have found me some flowers. Maybe my day lilies are blooming. How very sweet of them to think of me." :)

I follow him at a fast clip to the front door and stare in some dismay at a STICK (proudly carried by Sarah) that has been presented directly in front of my nose for my persusal.

Tom, grinning ear to ear, delights in telling me that they found a HALF-DEAD LOCUST and that is what is perched on the end of the stick (that is coming closer and closer to me as I edge back inside the open front door)! WOW! What a WONDER! And best of ALL, Tigger (our cat) helped them to catch it!

Who needs TOYS when we have sticks and insects to capture! They are way more fun. As long as their surprises do not SLITHER, I am fine with them. :)

I hope you have a day filled with joyful surprises. :)

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