Monday, June 30, 2008

Old Friends and Wild Travelers

I had a lovely surprise today!

My dear friend and old college roommate called me. She was traveling with her family and passing within 3 hours of me. I really wanted to jump in the car and go see her, but she'll be back again and I had obligations this week.

So, we are chatting while her husband is driving and I am amused by how cold she is finding Ohio after the balmy weather in her Florida hometown. She mentioned traveling up to northern Indiana and I couldn't help thinking how much cooler it would be up there!

Anyway, I so enjoyed chatting with her and giggling like crazy over their antics on their trip. :)

At one point, I heard her say, "NO, I said turn RIGHT!"

Then, "Where are we?"

And, "Did we miss DAYTON?"

And then, "No! The GPS needs to be in ENGLISH not ARABIC!!!"

Now, how amusing is that? :) I'm still chuckling over the Arabic comment. All of this was within about 5 minutes of time, so I just kept thinking, "I hope they are still in OHIO!" :)

Hope you are smiling too. Just thinking about chatting with Cathy makes me smile. She is such a treasure.

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