Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well, What DID I Expect?

I just returned a pasta pot to Macy's. It was beautiful and $100, so I was looking forward to using what I thought was a quality kitchen product. After ONE use, I noticed rust spots in the bottom of the pot. RUST. $100 pot!!!

It is not as if I let the water sit in the pot for any length of time, either. I washed it out and dried it when the handles were still warm.

So, I found the receipt and the box (thank goodness I still had it) and marched it into Macy's.

As soon as I got to the counter, I heard an employee saying, "I can leave in 5 minutes." So, I thought, "Oh, she'll be right over."


(Waiting some more.)

Another employee walked by and eluded my stare, but then, several minutes later, realized that I had a BOX and I was waiting near a REGISTER. "A SALE!" he thought!

He called over the person who must have practically had her coat on by this time. She was grumpy. Now, if she had come right over when I got there, she would have already been done!

I told her what was wrong. The return was no problem. But then she turned it over and said to me (LIKE THIS WAS MY FAULT!), "Well, it's MADE IN CHINA, what did you expect?"

What did I EXPECT? Really?

I'd like to have a few words with the higher ups in the Martha Stewart kitchen products division. I really don't care where the item was made. If it can be purchased at Macy's (with a $100 price tag!) and Martha Stewart has her name on it, I EXPECT a quality product.

So, there is my rant for the day. I wish I had a good pasta pot. Does anyone have a suggestion of one they use and like?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One out of 6 ain't bad

Ain't? Ain't? Yes, I said ain't. It's the result of hearing "youns" instead of "you" for the past two hours. I really don't mind, but it has this gosh darn effect on me, daggone it.

(Taking off hillbilly hat and putting on my usual one...note I did not say "normal" one. :) I hesitate to read the commentary that word would dredge up when used in affiliation with me. :) hehe)

So, I'm back from my haircut and coloring appointment. There is probably some hip word for all that, but I don't know it. Hey, I finally stopped calling the place a beauty parlor and refer to it as a salon. One step at a time, right?

I now have hair that seems to be shaped like Dolly Parton's (on a pouffy day) and colored like Sarah Palin's. Only shorter.


No photos will be forthcoming.

Still, one iffy haircut out of six over the past year isn't bad at all! I still love the person who does my hair... next time I'm just going to ask her to step away from the hairspray...

(She really is talented... we just had some miscues this time.)

UPDATE: Just combed out the pouf and I actually really like it now! :) I'm so pessimistic with hair. It's really soft and I LOVE the new color. I got a whiny post out of it AND I like it after all. Win-win! :) lol

Monday, January 11, 2010

And it ends...

The season of Cake Fest is finally at an end! It's been a no man's land for my diet, let me tell you.

We started with a Twilight / New Moon party for Sarah, who had a Thanksgiving birthday this year. Two tiers of strawberry and french vanilla yumminess. The first cake. Devoured rapidly. Ignore the vampires. I almost made a blood red cake to go with the theme, but resisted. I think the girls appreciated that. :)

Note that I was NOT serving wine to 13-year-old girls. We had cranberry Sierra Mist in wine glasses (because when you turn 13, beverages in fancy glasses seem cool). You can see the evidence of this by the 2-liter bottle in the background. Hey, we are classy, too! ;) lol

Then we had Matt's birthday on Pearl Harbor Day. Of course, he had THREE "parties" so he had THREE cakes/cupcake trees. These were devoured rapidly but we were losing impetus as we got to to the last cake.

Here's the first cupcake fest:

And here is his cake on his actual birthday:

Now, I enjoy baking birthday cakes, but even I was losing steam at this point.

Along comes Christmas. Cookies. LOTS of cookies. I did not bake a SINGLE Christmas cookie and we STILL had trays of cookies (gifts). The kids LOVE this time of year. Cakes, cookies, what's not to love? ;)

I said no cookies were baked, but the CANDY we made, well... that is another story. May I highly recommend Oreo Truffles to anyone who likes that sort of thing? Super easy to make! Homemade caramels, orange-cranberry mini bread loaves, and peanut butter balls (they are really BUCKEYES but people who like WVU refuse to eat BUCKEYES, so I've been told to call them peanut butter balls. Hey, when in Rome...)

So, my diet made it to about Dec. 15, intact. No real blows yet, since we gave most of the candy away. Then I just lost the fight. Sigh. New Year's Eve... OINK.

Then comes January... our LAST birthday. Thomas loves Reese's, so we had a Reese's cake. This thing is too rich even for ME.

But first, we started with the cupcake tree at grandma's. (Note the extra awesome new Steelers shirt.) ;)

Then we went sledding to shed the pounds gained. ;)

We went home to THIS.

My dear daughter stayed up with me until midnight the night before putting this together! SOMEONE wouldn't go to bed (too excited about turning 12!) and we wanted the cake to be a surprise.

In case you doubt the richness, here's a pic of the inside... it has pudding, whipping cream, melted chocolate, and cocoa ALL IN THE CAKE batter. The icing has peanut butter, whipping cream, butter, powdered sugar, etc. Really. Four layers of cake... 2 layers of chocolate icing... one layer of peanut butter icing... all slathered in MORE peanut butter frosting... then decorated with Reese's miniatures. Not. Rich. At. All.

Did I mention that when we stopped to pick up VANILLA ice cream to go with it, Tommy fell in love with CHOCOLATE Moose Tracks ice cream and would NOT be dissuaded? Yeah. Well, it was his birthday.

This is how I ate MY piece of cake. You may note that I don't care for peanut butter.

I don't think I've ever eaten a piece of cake quite like that before. :)

So, the Cake Fest is over. Thank goodness! My diet can continue unabated at last! :) I've ordered Jillian's 30-Day Shred from Amazon. haha It will probably kill me.