Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And my joy continues...

This explains it even further.

I was chattering on (okay...and on and on) about going to Washington DC and started wondering how close Jamestown was (because I LOVE Jamestown) and I discovered it is only 2.5 hours farther away!


So, I mention this to DH. He is unimpressed.

"Jamestown? Who lives there?" he asks.

"NO ONE lives there. It's an old colony. It's COOL. There is GLASS-MAKING." I answer.

"OH, well then," he comments (with an undertone of dripping sarcasm). "Of COURSE we have to go. Do they have basket-weaving too? And SPINNING? I wouldn't want to go if there was no spinning."


SEE why it is a GOOD THING he is going back to work today?

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