Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Good Mood

I'm actually in QUITE a good mood today. No idea why. It's wet and rainy outside. I'm afraid to even walk BY the scale, let alone actually STEP on it. Matt's wearing clothes to school that match but look like a preschooler should be wearing them (yes, it's what he WANTED to wear and it just didn't seem worth the argument...and the clothes WILL disappear forever after this! :) I don't know where he finds them...). And on top of that, I have FOUR stir crazy dogs staring at me wondering what I am going to do to entertain them because they didn't get a WALK this AM (it's raining)!

It's seemed somewhat ODD that I could be feeling good about things...

And then it hit me...

DH gets to go back to work today (first day back after his surgery). Ahhhhh!

That explains it all! :) It was fun having him home....but it is TIME. :)

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