Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Newest Foster Collie: Frisky

We work with Almost Home Dog Rescue. They are based in Columbus, Ohio. Because of them, Bandit, the collie I talked about in a previous post, is going through a lot of rehab so that he is adoptable. You would just not believe what a mess that poor dog was when he came into rescue. One vet actually thought he should be put down, but another one thought he had a chance, so the rescue is helping Bandit.

Here's a picture of him before a bath. He had so many burrs on him that all the bath really did was get rid of some of the odor. You can't tell, but he was so thin that the vet wanted to refuse to vaccinate him since she felt it was too dangerous. He'd been that starved.

Bandit's sister doesn't have the neurological problems that Bandit has. She is his sister, although from a different litter. The original owner actually let the two of them have a litter of puppies together. They all died. That tells you right there what kind of person owned them.

Frisky (the sister), is only 2 years old and a complete sweetheart. She was housetrained almost effortlessly. She was used to fighting for food so she was very thin. It only took her a couple of weeks, but she is just fine eating alongside our own dogs now. It's amazing to see such a fast transformation. She's a very smart dog. She just loves affection and will follow you everywhere. If our dog quota wasn't full, she'd been living here permanently instead of fostering! She's going to be a great companion for someone. You should see how sweet she is to the crossing guards when I walk her down to the school with my kids.

Here she is! This is before a bath, but you can see how pretty she is. I'm just so glad she is rescued. She's our 15th foster and one of the easiest. She's just wonderful to have around!

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