Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Soccer...and a Rescue HORSE?

Finally, the day winds down.

Today was a day when potato chips at dinner counted as a vegetable. It was a looooong day!

Both boys had soccer practice. A teammate's mom took Matt to his, and I took Tommy.

Pretty ho-hum, nothing unusual...until...

A soccer ball went FLYING over the fence and across the road...and over the hill. Now remember, this is West Virginia. You lose a ball down a hill, and depending on how steep and long the hill is, YOU MAY NEVER SEE THE BALL AGAIN!

I was watching the ball and wishing I could help (I was too far away) when OUT OF THE BLUE came a MAN ON A HORSE!

Yes, a HORSE!!!

The hero on a horse galloped over and saved the day!

Holy cow! You just don't see that every day at soccer practice! :)

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