Wednesday, September 3, 2008


If I was evil, then I would tell Rob that the doctor just told me that he has to lose FIFTY pounds, not the 35 that the doctor actually mentioned. :)

If I was evil, I would have not given up my incredibly busy, fun-filled, stay-at-home day to go to the hospital all day. :)

If I was evil, I would told the anesthesiologist to go ahead and just use a hammer (hey, it was HER suggestion not mine!).

So, if I am NOT evil, then WHY does everyone in Rob's somewhat extensive fan club seem to think that I should be AT the hospital until he comes out of recovery? It is only 5 minutes from home. I came home to eat (and get away from the incessant talker in the waiting room).


AFTER the doctor told me Rob was fine and it would be a couple of hours before I could see him, I decided to leave for a bit. Feeling LOTS of guilt, I approached the nurse at the welcome station and told her my plan, FULLING expecting yet another person to look at me in derision. But, no! What a surprise! She said, "Oh, that is JUST FINE, hun." JUST FINE!!!!

So, I got a break and I don't feel guilty. :) Well, not much.

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