Monday, September 29, 2008

Shorts in winter? Say it isn't so!

I just love FALL. To me, it is the best time of the year! Falling leaves, Halloween, football...

...and Fall clothes! I love sweaters and corduroys and my winter shoes. Everything is all just so comfy!

So, yesterday, when I thought that just perhaps since it is now FALL and the temps are starting to be lower, that maybe, just MAYBE it was time to put some shorts away and wear LONG PANTS.

Well, evidently, that is just fine for me, but the rest of the family rebelled.

I have no back-up on this. Not only does DH wear shorts during snowstorms, but a perfectly respectable dad down the street also wears shorts year-round. It doesn't matter how cold it is outside. They make everyone around them feel cold!

But, I am a MOM and feel I must instill some proper clothing choices amongst the youngsters. Note that not one child of mine wore long pants to school today. Tomorrow I am putting my foot down!

I mentioned this to DH.

He said, "Don't be pushin' your long pants - long shirts ways on us, Woman."

Woman? What is this, "Cro-Magnon Day?"

Oh, he will pay!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Ha Haa!!! I must enter the no shorts zone myself. When it starts to cool down, I grab the jacket and some WARM long pants.

It was very windy and chilly this afternoon here in Minnesota today. YIKES - no way I'm wearing shorts out there :-)

Mom of Three said...

Thanks, Speedcat! :)

I needed some support here.

I would say that in Minnesota where you see SERIOUS cold, long pants would be the right choice!

I find cold weather to be invigorating, but only if I have LONG PANTS! :)

my3sons said...

I cannot wait for it to cool down here. I'm tired my summer clothes.

My kids hate change (typical little men). So I have to fight them with any seasonal wardrobe changes.

Tim, on the other hand, never stopped wearing jeans.