Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun Football Quote of the Day

I was watching the end of the Washington / New Orleans football game and I was amused with the commentary of the announcers.

It was the last 3 minutes and a rookie Redskins player had just made an interception that had fans screaming.

One of the announcers must have been caught by surprise, because when he tried to say something about how you could expect amazing things from that ROOKIE, he actually said...

"We can expect exceptional things from that WOOKIE!"

hee hee

I didn't know George Lucas had been recruiting for Washington! :)

That man has been watching too much Star Wars! But, maybe it is all for the good. I'm all for... more Wookies in the NFL! :)


kapgar said...

The rules hold for Wookies as well... any hair that is not protected by the uniform or helmet and hangs free can be used to tackle you. Maybe that's why Wookies stay away... like a galaxy far, far away. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Mom of Three said...

Very funny! Thanks for posting! Every Monday morning needs a smile. :)