Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Give Up

Remember my post about the bell and how I would NEVER answer to one? NO WAY! Remember that?

Well, famous last words and all that.

DH was (I thought) in a comatose state upstairs. Medication on top of coming out of anesthesia. Of course he is sleeping.

So, I decide to go sit on our porch and chat with the kids.

I am out there MAYBE sixty seconds when Holly (next door neighbor) comes out on HER porch holding her phone.

"Chris, do you realize Rob is looking for you? He needs you for something." Now, of course, I feel horrible. What kind of nurse am I?

Suddenly, Sarah appears with one of our phones. It's ringing. It's the intercom. You guessed it. IT'S DH.

Of course, by this time I think something horrible is happening.

"ROB, what is WRONG?" I ask.

"Oh, nothing. I just couldn't figure out where everyone was." NOTHING??????

He's been home for 3 hours.

This is gonna be fun, now isn't it? So, now he has a BELL. I may or may not respond to it. But, at least he KNOWS I can hear him and hopefully won't be calling the NEIGHBORS to TRACK ME DOWN!

Men are such babies when they have surgery. :)

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