Saturday, September 27, 2008

Collie Photo Op

Our foster collie, Frisky got adopted today. I really hate seeing them go, but she will be greatly loved by her new family, so that made it somewhat easier. At least I wasn't bawling my eyes out as she was driven away. I guess after 15 fosters, I have developed some strength in saying goodbye. I used to stand at the curb with tears streaming down my face every time one left, then one of the adopters brought one of my dear fosters back for a visit. The little ingrate didn't even remember me! :) Just kidding. I was so pleased that he didn't. He'd completely bonded with his new "mom." It was wonderful to see. It felt really good to have a part in that.

The dogs generally come to us pretty frazzled. Often "thrown away," they don't know what is happening to them. Miss Frisky went from nervous to happy happy happy. :) You should hear her moan when she gets her ears scratched! Hilarious! And the way she talks! She doesn't just bark, oh no, she has this adorable way of speaking that sounds like she is trying to form words.

Anyway, I tried to get some good pictures of her today since it was my last chance.

At first, it was easy. She was sleeping.

That lasted about 2 seconds.

The next few were like this one. I need a camera with a faster shutter speed or something! :)

Here she is laughing at me because she keeps moving out of the frame at the last minute. Oh, I think she knew EXACTLY what she was doing! :)

Do you know how hard it is to fit an ENTIRE collie nose into a picture?

And here she is. Finally. Doesn't she look endearing? One ear flops down and one ear stands straight up. She's so cute.

So, this is my goodbye to Frisky post. Thanks for letting me share it with you! It helps in letting go.


Bambee said...

It's first time to be here.
Nice blog!

Kellie said...

Chris, I love the "collie nose" photo! It's so true. :-)

Fostering is such a wonderful, albeit difficult, thing.

Chris said...

Thanks, Kellie!

Frisky was being SUCH a collie! :) She's such a sweetie. I hope all is well in her new home.