Friday, September 12, 2008

A Break, Nah!

Through the ordeal of DH getting his knee surgery, some have suggested that perhaps I should be nicer to him. Well, rest assured, I am! We just joke about a lot of things. So, no need to feel tooooo sorry for him! He rather enjoys being "blog fodder!" :)

He was able to give up one of his crutches and just use the other one on Tuesday. He was very happy about it. So was I.

So, I told all and sundry that I was finally putting up a SIGN in the yard. Attached to the CRUTCH, I posted a note that said, "HUSBAND FOR SALE, CHEAP."

Well! Can you believe it? NOT ONE OFFER!

So, I told DH and he suggested that the sign SHOULD have said, "FREE HUSBAND."

So, I tried THAT. Still nuthin'.

I mentioned this problem to DH again. He thinks that it is the same as with FREE KITTENS. You just can't get rid of them! :)

And before you freak out too much over this, just know that several women have flat out told me that if I am not nice to him, they will steal him away! He knows this. He just smiles. :)

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