Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mess with me...make my BLOG! HA!

Being somewhat nonaggressive, I hesitate to tell people what I REALLY think at the time a particular rudeness is happening.

But now, the joy of it! I can write about it HERE and experience closure. :)

1) I note the lady with a full cart standing behind me in the grocery checkout line. No biggie. It's to be expected as it is a GROCERY CHECKOUT LANE. I continue to unload my groceries. I have a LOT of groceries. I look at the conveyer belt and suddenly realize that EVEN THOUGH MY CART IS STILL HALF FULL, SHE HAS PUT IN THE DIVIDER AT THE END OF MY LAST ITEM on the conveyer AND FILLED UP THE REST OF THE CONVEYER WITH HER OWN STUFF!!!!!

Now, WHERE am I supposed to put my groceries? I had towers looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa when I caught the cashier's eye. She was a quick study and made the RUDE LADY take a bunch of stuff off of the conveyer. HONESTLY!

Some people need brain surgery. As in, they need to have one inserted!!!

Ah, but my day is not done yet!

I arrive home.

I answer the phone.

And here comes the second RUDENESS of the day:

2) My SIL calls to invite my husband out to lunch. They are visiting from Florida. She could have called him at work, but no, she calls ME at home. She KNOWS I AM HOME and eating alone. ALONE. Did I mention ALONE?

Did she even give the MEREST HINT that I could join them for lunch? OF COURSE NOT. But, I am told to CALL ROB and tell HIM that he is invited to lunch. HUH?

I think the second one wins. But it is a toss-up to me. Thoughts?

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