Monday, September 22, 2008


Now, from the title, you would think this post would be about the raccoon...again. But, no, not exactly. Although, he was safely captured and relocated...without any help from lingerie models.

No, this post is about me... and soccer... and laundry. Mom stuff.

For Matt's last soccer game we were running late. And, somehow, I washed all the soccer clothes for Sarah and Thomas, but left out Matt's. Mind you, we have a SYSTEM. All soccer clothes go down the laundry shoot in a Wal-Mart bag so that I can find ALL the various socks and matching shirts easily.

Matt had placed his DIRTY soccer uniform BACK IN HIS DRAWER. He has a game every other day, so I just didn't notice until it was too late. WAY too late. So much for my system.

So, I figured he could just wear it dirty. I know. I know. I felt like a HORRIBLE mom. Dirty clothes on my child. A stay-at-home mom should never sink so low! ;)

But, he looked okay. He looked clean. We were the only ones who KNEW the horrible truth. ;)

We are sitting next to a teammate's mom and she starts chatting to Matt. Really, she was being quite friendly and was obviously trying to instill some MOM APPRECIATION (which is always appreciated, of course) in him.

Well, she eventually comments on how (you guessed it), he has a mom who washes his clothes.

OH MY GOSH! What are the ODDS?

And of course, Matt, being SIX, just had to comment that, "NO SHE DOESN'T." And offer PROOF with his DIRTY SOCCER UNIFORM...right down to the DIRTY SOCKS (which were in his drawer too).

I about died. Right there. Next to the dirty clothes.

Guess what! Today he has another game, and by golly, that uniform is SPARKLING! :)

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