Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Castle - ABC

If you have missed out on seeing Castle on ABC, here's the complete episode 4 from this season. It's quite good! Castle is my current favorite tv show.

Yep, that's Nathan Fillion from Firefly fame. He plays a famous mystery writer (named Castle) and there is only one way to describe his role in the show, charming. The funny part is that you can actually buy Castle's latest book, which they highlight in this episode. It's on Amazon and supposed to be pretty good!


Carpool Queen said...

I just started watching that this season. I like it - It reminds me a little of Moonlighting, which was a favorite "back in the day".

Speedcat Hollydale said...

HULU rocks ... never heard of this show


ps: My veggies are in CANS up in the cup boards :-)

Chris said...

I LOVE this show! NO MAKING FUN, ERIC!!!!

However, I will feel free to make fun of your CANNED vegetables that are full of SODIUM AND SUGAR. Probably, JUST the way you like them! BAD BAD BAD SPEEDY!

Although, I do admit to a weakness for canned green beans. :) What I don't eat, I feed to the dragons.

Daisy said...

I never heard of this show, but then I rarely have the remote in my power. I don't watch much TV anyway. This looks like a fun one.

Chris said...

Hi Daisy! The whole idea of a book by a fictional character cracks me up. :) Maybe you even have it in your library!

Actually, I think the show may be based on a real author's work, but it sounds funnier to say "a book by a fictional character." :)

Have a great weekend with your family!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I dont like it

Chris said...

That must be because you are a man.

And more details than that, I will not give. ;)