Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Adventures at the Gym

Today was my introduction to water walking. I also used some FUN GYM EQUIPMENT for the first time! I learned lots of interesting things about the gym, some of which, of course, I'm going to share with you. :)

I learned that I can dust 80+ year olds in a water race! Woo HOOO!

I can yell, "RAMMING SPEED!" while holding a water noodle and scare senior citizens out of my path in the water. (I only did this once and it did get a grin from the senior).

I can beat friends in water running (even with weights!). That was a shocker! It helps when people are shorter than me (they are difficult to find). Or, maybe I just displace more water. Um...maybe winning at this isn't a good thing after all! :)

I can ride a stationary bicycle without my knees creaking. That was a relief because they sure were creaking yesterday! It was embarrassing!

I found that turning on the Food Network while biking is NOT conducive to a hunger-free ride. (Yes, that's right! Gyms have TV's attached to the exercise equipment! WHO KNEW?! And why did no one ever tell me????)

That said, know that I can figure out how to USE the TV on the exercise equipment (Hoo RAH!). :)

I can make good choices on channels to watch (Food Channel = bad, Current Financial Events = good ... takes away the appetite).

The whirlpool is a wonderful invention but it needs handles (I kept floating!) - it's been awhile - 20 years!!! I don't remember floating before. Does fat float? I'm in trouble!

I found out how to sneak in an extra few minutes in the wonderful, relaxing, I-never-wanted-to-leave whirlpool. :) You're only allowed a miserly ten minutes.

Oh, and after I purchase the fashionable yoga pants that Summer kindly recommended (thanks, Summer!), I will even FIT IN with the fashion crowd. :) Because, you know, to me that is soooo important (eyes rolling). :) But, as was pointed out (thanks again, Summer! :), I'll feel more comfortable about waving my derriere in the air on certain weight-lifting equipment with yoga pants on. Sure, if they stay UP, I will. We shall see.

Best of all, as I was leaving the pool, I happened to glance at the full-length torture devices (otherwise known as mirrors) and noted that I looked THINNER ALREADY. :) Yeah, it's wishful thinking, but it still felt good.

So, all in all, I found the gym to be a VERY FUN place to be! I don't even think I will mind going back tomorrow... too much. :)

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my3sons said...

Woman- you are inspiring. I actually worked out today.

I'm happy you like the yoga pants. I would never steer you wrong! :)