Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat!

We had so much fun tonight! Our street and the next street over are both really popular with Trick-or-Treaters of all ages. Even teens! We had a couple hundred kids come through and it was slower than usual. Yes, I said 200! People new to the neighborhood generally have to be warned ahead of time to buy enough candy and they still never believe it until they see it!

A bunch of houses really go all out. One guy was starting up a chain saw as kids came up to get candy (don't worry, they were at a very safe distance). He also had a scary video showing. A bit much, but you get the picture. Lots of ghosts, and flying bats, and spider webs, and fog machines, and cauldrons burning. One yard had REAL people lying around looking dead. I poked one with my light saber to check. :) It's a bit wild and a real blast. Wall to wall people. The kids LOVE it. Me too.

The funniest part of all this is that we really do live in a very sedate neighborhood. Lots of lawyers and ministers live here (they even get along! :).

Tonight I was expecting all this, so we entered into the spirit of it. Fun. :) BUT, I was floored at one costume...

...The young teen girl dressed as a baby and wearing DEPENDS (and I think that was it) on her lower half. I think her mother needed to have a little chat with her and the message she was sending to every salivating male she came across. And they WERE salivating. Trust me.

My favorite costume was a boy wearing a black sweatshirt with barbie dolls attached to the front of it? Can you guess what he was supposed to be?


:) Did you guess?


A babe magnet! Isn't that clever? He's 10 so it was extra funny. I think. His mom said he came up with it in his own, but I have to wonder...

Then we went back to a neighbor's with her kids and looked through our "loot." Found out our neighbor was handing out gold $ coins (real ones), so the kids were THRILLED about that. :)

I demanded all the Twix and Kit Kat bars and those sweet children handed them over in fistfuls! Can you believe it? :) I was joking, actually. I knew where our neighbor Kim had his stash of Dove Chocolate (because Holly had already sneaked some into my favor bag at our Halloween dinner :)... and was planning to "reallocate" more of them. :) But, Twix and Kit Kats will do just fine in a pinch. :)

So, our night of fun is at an end.

Tomorrow we have our "Monster Halloween Feast." Can't wait!!! :)


Summer said...

I'm glad your Halloween was great. This was a really good post. Ministers & Lawyers, Oh my!

Babe magnet. haha.

Boy, and I was clucking my tongue about a teenage girl that I saw (she was a mouse, I think) that had on basically a skirt that went just below her butt. Same thing-- grown men drooling everywhere. I wanted to shout "Pedophiles!" lol. If I would have ever (and I'm not saying that I didn't try) went outside like that my mother would have drug me back in by my hair. Times have definitely changed. I have a teenage niece that I have to remind every now and again that she's not at Miami South Beach. Put some clothes on for the love of fruit!

Chris said...

HI Summer!

Thanks so much for the comment! :) You are such a good writer yourself, that your compliment means a lot. :)

I actually LIVE with one of those "ministers and lawyers." You'll have to decide which one. :)

Yeah, the term "pedophile" went through my brain too. The thing was that I don't think the men knew where to look! I mean my husband was sitting there in his Darth Vader costume handing out candy to this babe and his eyes were at Depends level! Now THAT is scary.

Fortunately, he is very trustworthy. :)

ALF said...

I'm jealous of all your trick or treaters. We had like 5. Sad.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I guess "minister"

Did I win a prize ... or a Kit Kat???


YOU HAVE WON **dramatic pause** A BRAND NEW CAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!


ding ding ding buzz buzz boing boing boing ding ding ding buzz buzz boing boing boingding ding ding buzz buzz boing boing boing ding ding ding buzz buzz boing boing boing ding ding ding buzz buzz boing boing boing ding ding ding buzz buzz boing boing boingding ding ding buzz buzz boing boing boing ding ding ding buzz buzz boing boing boing!!!!!

Chris said...


We really love our trick-or-treat night. You would not believe the bags and bags of candy that we give out!

You are welcome to come join us anytime. :) The Wild West isn't THAT far from the Rust Belt! :)

Chris said...

Hey Eric!

You won... CANDY CORN! :) In the shape of a CAR! :)


I'm sure it will be delicious.

Good guessing! How did you know?

Speedcat Hollydale said...

You are kind ... and just a bit shy.

NOT like a lawyer, and I do NOT want the candy corns. Got snickers???

Chris said...

Yeah, snickers would be appropriate for someone with your sense of humor. Get it? Snickers? :)

I'll leave some at the 19th hole. We have LOTS. Hope no one takes them before you can get to them!

Although...maybe they are candy corns SHAPED into SNICKERS bars. YUM! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Just wanted to thank you for spending some time in "Hollydale"

See you soon,
God bless

Chris said...


Well, thanks for making it into such a nice place to be! :)