Friday, October 3, 2008

A Good Deed?

I picked up Sarah from Girl Scouts and we were on our way home on National Road (a VERY busy road). Suddenly, we saw a small white dog in the middle of the road! Cars were headed toward it from both directions! Well! We couldn't have THAT! Squished poodle is most unappealing.

So, we pretty much chased it off of the main road with our van and turned onto a side road. I pulled over asap and we grabbed some animal crackers for dog bribery and away we went! That silly dog just BARKED and BARKED at us and WOULD NOT COME to us AT ALL. We went up and down this residential street, hoping all the time that his owners would hear all the racket and come out to CLAIM their dog. Finally, I got in front of him and Sarah in back of him. The dog turned down a side yard that had a FENCE at the end of it!

CAUGHT, we thought.


There was a hole in the fence. He disappeared through it. As I knocked on the front door of the house, Sarah noticed a different small dog come OUT of the hole in the fence.



So, we chase both dogs back inside and look around for something to block the hole. It was obvious the owners were aware of the problem because there was a big cooler on the other side of the fence that was meant to keep the hole blocked off. The dogs outwitted their owners on that score!

I found two bricks and blocked the hole. Sarah was looking at me somewhat askance because we did not KNOW if the white dog actually LIVED THERE.

Sarah: "But Mom, what if the dog doesn't live here?"

Me: "Well, he does now!"

Sarah: "MOM!"

It was too bad we didn't have any way to leave a message for the people that live there. I sure hope that the dog we blocked into their yard IS THEIR DOG. But, all the evidence pointed to it since the white dog was REALLY eager to dash into the hole in the fence to get away from us.

So, we hope we did a good deed, but we may always wonder what the owners of that house thought when they came home to ... possibly... an extra dog!

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my3sons said...

I hope the dog really lives there, but you have to admit it would be pretty funny if it didn't.

That's actually happened to me before. Came home from work, and there's a dog. Wait a minute! I don't own a dog. WTH.

I never did figure out how it got into my backyard.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Every good deed has one thing in common ... the intention of good!

Hi from Eric :-)