Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Champie's New Costume

So, I get home from the gym and notice our collie Champie trotting around the living room with something white stuck to his tail. He's really whippin' it around too! So, I investigate. To my HORROR it is a BRA! (I sorted laundry before I left for the gym and it was still on the couch). Let me just tell you how VERY glad I was that I got home before the BOYS because MATT (age 6) would have NEVER let me FORGET the site of Champie "wearing" my bra!!!! Whew! :) I can hear him giggling over it now! (He's quite the giggler...not sure where he gets THAT!) :P And telling all in sundry about it too! Guests! Neighbors! Family! :) The entire blogosphere! :) (Oh wait! That's me!) :)


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Chris said...

Well, at least I noticed BEFORE I let him out into the backyard! That thing was QUITE attached! I am sure he would have entertained the neighbors to a high degree! :)