Friday, October 10, 2008

I am such a SHEEP

Okay, Day 10 at the gym. I pretty much have the routine down. Except for the pool, since I only do that once a week.

AAAAHHHHH. The pool. On a Friday afternoon. NO ONE else was there except Rob and I. It was so relaxing!

So, after a few laps and feeling completely wonderful (10 minutes in the jacuzzi will do that) and chatting with hubby, I start to exit the pool area.

Chat chat chat... (that's me...never shut up) chat chat... (blindly following hubby, like a sheep...)


THAT'S not where I meant to go!

I back up QUCKLY out of the MEN'S SHOWER ROOM!

Yes, that's right, I chatted my way into complete embarrassment. Rob thought it was HILARIOUS. The pool attendants practically fell off of their chairs.

But, being 43, not 13, I nonchalantly went to the WOMEN'S door and exited the pool area. Then I turned bright pink. :)

Unbelievably, the NEXT time I visited the pool, I almost did the SAME thing! Freudian perhaps? ;) It was only the sound of baa-ing in my ear (from a most helpful husband who reads this blog) that stopped me in my tracks and had me backing up to the women's door! :) Honestly, you can't take me anywhere! :)


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Ha haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

... I bet your husband is still teasing you??? (in a loving way of course)

Chris said...

Oh yes. The teasing NEVER ENDS around here. :)

That's okay, though, cuz I love to laugh!

Thanks for the comment!

I went over to YOUR site and saw that the kidding around is rife over there! :) You're hilarious.

my3sons said...

That is hilarious!

my3sons said...
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