Monday, October 13, 2008

The Wonders of the Gym

Our pediatrician calls our local Wellness Center (the gym I go to) the Hellness Center. Gee. I wonder why. :)

After hearing that epithet, I was really NOT wanting to do the gym route. The trauma of people seeing my out of shape and flabby self on gym equipment seemed a horror not worth the reward.

But, after we got a FREE membership for a YEAR, I decided to give it a go. I mean, after all, FREE. That's pretty tough to resist.

And so I went. I was quite grumpy at first. You have to go through a looooong class on how to use all the weight and exercise equipment. Snore. Pretty much all I learned was 1) adjust all equipment to the SHORT PERSON setting, and 2) remove all weights except the lightest one. Yeah, I was feeling REALLY good about myself. Sigh.

However, all that is PAST.

Now I go to the gym EVERY day and I CAN'T WAIT! I'm finally losing weight and it is a WONDERFUL feeling!!

After the drudgery of the treadmill and bike (which I don't really even notice because I'm watching TV the whole time), I get to go in the POOL. AHHHHHHH! It is SOOOOO refreshing! They give you towels and everything! And then the sheer LUXURY of the JACUZZI! OH MY!!!! I leave that place with a SMILE ON MY FACE. They even have hair dryers and shampoo and cute guys (oh wait! That was the other day...) in the shower room! And I haven't even tried the SAUNA yet!

And the best part? I always thought going to a gym would mean surrounding myself with lots of IN SHAPE and gorgeous people who live to exercise and would sort of look down on me (literally and figuratively). Not at the Wellness Center! It's great! I feel YOUNG there since the average age must be 80. And many many people are recovering from surgery, so I don't feel slow or anything like that. I can keep up! Sometimes. :)

So, I'm adding this to my blog as a RECORD of the wonders of the on that raining or icy day when I don't want to drag my sorry self over there, I'll remember...and go over there anyway. :)


my3sons said...

That's awesome, Chris. Exercising always makes me feel better.

BTW I did a kickboxing tape last night. The boys did it with me. Hilarious. It turned into Fight Club. ;)

Chris said...

Yeah, I feel better...but the whole weigh loss process is sooooo slow. I just want some lipo! :)

Kickboxing sounds fun! I have a couple little ninjas living with me too. :)