Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Every year we go to the Boo at the Zoo festivities at Oglebay Park Zoo. It's such fun!

So, last night we dragged out our Halloween paraphernalia and got all gussied up.

At first, the boys weren't too thrilled with their costuming choices.

1) Use last year's costume.
2) Finally wear the cowboy or knight costume that have been nixed 2 years running.
3) Wear the Darth Vader costumes that I bought last year at Target's 90% off sale.

Yes, I bought THREE Darth Vader costumes. I mean, after all, if ONE Darth is scary, how scary would THREE of them be?

Eventually, the boys decided it would be GREAT FUN to all dress alike and we had no dearth of Darth. :)

Sarah had her costume planned for months and was a pink diva cat. I was a witch, so I said she was my cat. :)

Note that Rob had ONE job. Make sure the boys leave the house with their capes ON. Ahem.

Here's the Darth picture AFTER I discovered that little faux pax. Ahem. Ahem.

If we are going to have no dearth of Darths in the family this year, we need at least one Princess!

And here she is... under duress. :) Just look at that expression!

"Save me Han Solo! Save me! Before I expire from embarrassment or rip someone's leg off."

Yeah, I'm dangerous at Target when they mark things 90% off! I mean, it's like they are DARING me to leave it in the store!

Rob says he should have started the Darth Vader Diet a LOOOONG time ago (in a galaxy far far away....).... Although, he was prepared to test his theory that melted chocolate could be dripped through Darth's mouthpiece.

We did have a hairy moment when we realized that the well-fed dragon is eating pink diva kitten this year!

Fortunately, there are some rescue llamas on the job and they particularly enjoy saving kittens. Or, maybe they just like the color pink. Well, whatever. Whew! :)

We ended our visit only to discover that SOME of us received suspiciously DEFECTIVE bags of CANDY. Ahem. DARTH!!! :)


my3sons said...

Absolutely adorable. It looks like a great time was had by all!

Logan wants to be a ninja again this year. This will be his 3rd or 4th time (different ninja variations of course). This year it would be same custume as last year but different weaponery. Elijah and Jonas will be spiders.

Chris said...

Hi Summer!

Isn't Halloween just too much fun? :)

Spiders on your youngest boys will be ADORABLE! :) I hope you post pics on your blog!

Matt was a Ninja last year. It's a really fun costume! :)