Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rice and Me: An Incompatible Combination

Rice. Me. Not a good combination. Sure, I can make Minute Rice (usually) or throw Uncle Ben's in the microwave, but making REAL rice out of a BAG has always just mystified me.

I've tried.


My long-suffering and very kind family has not made too much fun of me. They've ignored the smoke alarm going off or the somewhat...shall we call it chewy...rice. I think Matt, age 6, even thinks chewy rice is preferable. Poor child.

I've tried looking up different methods of making rice. The knuckle method looks sooooo easy. But not for me. I must have deformed knuckles.

So, in sharing my closet rice making failures with a friend, it was suggested that I invest in a rice cooker. And, what do you know, the grocery store had one and it was 70% off! Well! That seems like fate, does it not? I had the perfect excuse to buy it and give it to Rob to give back to me on my birthday this Saturday. (Which is my last birthday, btw. After this I'm starting over at 39...for several years. :)

So, now we shall see. If I still can't make rice with a real RICE COOKER, then I will hang up the towel and just have Rob make it in future. He laughs at me because he can make rice with NO problem. Fingers crossed! ;)


Christine said...

We had a rice cooker in Thailand, and for a couple of years after we came back to the states. They are great. When the last one died, I didn't bother to replace it, in a vain quest for expanded counter space, but...still, they rock.

I think your problem with the "knuckle" method is---you are relying on your knuckle. I could absolutely talk you through the way to make rice so it comes out.

Or, you could go to the library and check out Madame Wong's Long-Life Chinese Cookbook, which has diagrams and everything. AND awesome recipes. I have TWO copies of that cookbook.

I'm just sayin'.

Chris said...

Ah, Christine! That was so sweet of you! I appreciate the encouragement and the book recommendation. :)

I always feel so honored when a true professional writer like yourself comments on my blog. :) Thank you!

I can't wait to try out the rice cooker on Sunday! :) My family won't know what the strange perfectly cooked stuff is! "Is this RICE?" they will ask in utter amazement. :) That is, if I can manage to operate the thing. I am not exactly, shall we say, mechanically gifted. :)

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

It's true - if you can't make rice with a rice cooker, you are officially hopeless (in the rice-cooking department). My husband bought me mine after I forgot about a pot of rice boiling on the stove and almost burned the house down. I love it!

Chris said...

I suspected as much. :)

But, OH NO! Now, there is PRESSURE! If I can't make rice in the rice cooker, I'm HOPELESS! EEEKS! :)