Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, it's official. We have elves. Really mischievous ones, too. It wasn't clear until today.

I was cleaning off the counter when I discovered their presence. I washed it down. I turned around. MORE crumbs. I got out a different cleaning tool. Voila! No crumbs. I went to leave, took one last look....MORE CRUMBS. I looked up. No crumbs on the ceiling (well, with 3 kids, it is a valid idea). I looked for a cat. No cat. I glared at Peachie (golden retriever) sitting at my feet. Hmmmm... Well, nothing to do but CLEAN IT AGAIN! So, I did. Honestly, I cleaned that counter FOUR TIMES!!!! I'm putting out elf traps tonight.

This also explains another rather unfortunate happening. I toss towels down the laundry chute and sometimes later a washrag (sometimes wet, because the TOWEL is there, after all). I make my way down the stairs, open the chute and WHAM! Hit right in the face with a WET WASHRAG. Where did the TOWEL go, you may ask? ELVES! I'm convinced they are using the towels as bedding in the rafters.

Rob says not to mention my elf theory to many people. What do you think? Shall they cart me off to be fitted for my straight jacket soon?

Have a great ELF-FREE day!


my3sons said...

Oh, I have the same elves. They make unclaimed messes in my kitchen. Their presence is usually noted by crumbs. I call my elves Tim & Logan.

Chris said...

So, how are we going to catch them at it? :) My elves are very VERY sneaky!

When I ask who made the mess, all I ever hear is, "Who, me?" And then I see the innocent BAMBI gaze and perhaps a fluttering of the eyelashes.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

My place has Gremlins .. like on the movie. I never leave the water running!!!!!

(your theory sounds correct)

Chris said...

OH NO! There are Gremlins TOO????? All this time I thought those were fictional! EEEKS!

Eric, you are too funny. :)