Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lemon Diet Pepsi

I just opened my very first lemon diet Pepsi.

And, well, what were they thinking?

I think there was a reason this stuff disappeared from the shelves two years ago!!!! Even, just plain 'ole wonderful Pepsi would be better. MUCH better.

It's called NFL Kickoff and according to the (funny) commercial, I'm obligated to drink it so that I can get double Pepsi stuff points. After watching the commercial, I'm wondering why the Steelers aren't drinking this stuff. :)

However, it's a LIMITED EDITION flavor with a special NFL football on the can. So, I should force myself to drink it just so I can be trendy. :)

'Cuz, it's all about trendy, right?


(Don't worry, I'm not really finishing it... I've never been very trendy.).

But, I've heard some people really do like this stuff. Let's see if they do.

1 comment:

ALF said...

The other night we tried the lime flavored Miller Lite. Yeah, also disgusting.