Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hmmmmm.... Too Weird?

I'm starting to wonder just how WEIRD it might be looking for me to be dressing myself and LASSIE the same way in my profile pic!


Honestly, I do NOT dress my dogs in clothes. For real! Maybe a santa hat before they ate it, but that's it. :) Oh, and there WAS that Princess Leia incident...

But somehow, in a profile pic, with a famous canine movie star, it's funny to me!

So, bloggy buddies, if it is too weird, I hope someone TELLS me before it just gets out of hand because Speedy over at Speedcat Hollydale sent me over to Photobucket last night with the directions to use stickies and, well, it is FUN. :) And sometimes you just have to have fun, right? :) Even if it is just silly fun.

Besides, I'm blaming the outfits on Daisy over at Dancing With Daisy because her profile daisies just looked so CUTE all dressed up for winter! :)


Summer said...

You can never get too weird with Photoshop. It's all in good fun. Cute pic.

Daisy said...

HA HA! Aw...thanks for the link, Chris. I think you and Lassie look cute and like you're staying warm for the winter. The glasses on Lassie are a nice touch too! :D

The Photobucket site was fun. I'm going to have to go back there and try out some other things, I think.

Chris said...

Hi Summer!
I LOVE playing with photos! My kids enjoy watching the process too. :)

Hi Daisy!
I'm glad you don't mind that I stole your outfits! :) You have a good sense of style. Lassie says so.