Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shoot! Stop that Cursing!

You know how I don't swear? (Okay, MAYBE twice a year or so, if I'm honest). Well, wouldn't you figure my kids wouldn't either?

WELL, evidently, NOT SO.

Sarah got flagged online by one of her teachers for INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT on her website. I.E. SWEARING.

My little girl. Oh. My. Gosh. I'm thinking, "She just turned 12 and look what happens!" At the same time, I just don't get it. I've never heard her swear. And then I think..."The minister's kids... they are always the ones... why, oh WHY didn't I marry an accountant?"

When I managed to close my gaping mouth, I read the teacher's comment:

"Heck no is not appropriate. Is that what you would want your grandmother to read or even perhaps Mr. Dunlevy (principal) tomorrow morning? Read the rules again. Clean it up."

That's right. She said, "HECK NO." That's all. And now she needs to, "CLEAN IT UP."

And the funny part is that I say that all the time. I consider it more of an exclamation than a curse. And trust me, grandma says worse. She wouldn't even blink over a "heck no."

In what circles is HECK NO considered swearing? Really, I'm curious. Because I'm sort of starting to wonder if I've just entered "redneck world" and have NO powers of discrimination any more.

Is she not allowed to say, "GOSH," either? Because that fits the same rules.

OH SHOOT! OOOPS! Would that be swearing?

Want to help me out? Just take the poll. :) I need all the help I can get.

I'd love to read your comments, too! Thanks!!!


Cynthia Blue said...

LOL I would not consider Heck No as swearing... now saying something 'Sucks'... when we were kids we were always told that was bad. =P

Chris said...

Isn't it funny what we learn as kids to not say?

Thanks for commenting! I'm thinking this is going to be VERY informative for me! :)

DMLD said...

OK I have to admit - I am the original "Sewer Mouth" I swear - ALOT!

Heck No is definitely not a swear and I would tell the teacher- if that is the worst thing coming out of cherubs mouth, than you are doing MORE than OK.

You should hear some of the things that come out of mine :)


Chris said...

I think you are going to have to cover Miss B's ears! :) And she has such lovely long ears, too. I bet they pick up everything! :)

Pretty much everyone swears at times. I wouldn't say you have a sewer mouth! I tend to say things like, "rats!"... and since they live in a sewer.... guess that makes ME a sewer mouth! Never really thought about all this before! ;)

I got in trouble for saying "crap" as a teacher once. No big deal... just another teacher telling me to stop. I was fairly in shock over it.

BIBI said...

That is hilarious. If any teacher ever approached me for such behavior I'm sorry their feelings would be hurt because I would laugh so hard in their face.

Now when I was a kid, 'butt' was considered a curse word. Other kids in my neighborhood was also given the soap in the mouth treatment for such use of that word.
I'm sorry, but it's the year 2008, and we are SO not offended by the word HECK NO. Maybe the teacher needs a new dictionary? Seriously.

Chris said...


I'm afraid I was so surprised that I didn't have a suitable retort at all! But, I really didn't want to offend anyone at the school (a public school!).

Glad to hear "butt" and "heck no" don't offend. :)

And I'm thinking a new dictionary for that teacher is in order! That would be so funny!

intrepidideas said...

I guess "Dog gone" is not going to work either. I'll stick to fudge!

Chris said...

I can't use "dog gone" around here... it scares the collies. haha :)

I can't even IMAGINE what the teacher would have said to Sarah using the word, "fudge!" The horrors! :)

Glad you stopped by! :)

Summer said...

That's the craziest thing I've heard in a while. Boy, if she monitored my emails, she'd really blow a gasket.

Chris said...

People like that... I would like to monitor HER emails.

I'm sure your emails are REAL.

My Cup Is Full said...

LOL! My little brother got suspended in first grade for yelling 'F-CK YOU' to a kid on the playgroud. Now that is swearing! 'Heck no'...not so much.

Daisy said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Wow! Gee whiz, Chris can't you get your daughter under better control than that! Swearing online---tsk, tsk, tsk! :D

Seriously, though, I can not believe in this day and age that a teacher is offended enough by someone saying "heck no" to flag them online. I'd say that teacher needs to get a life. YIKES!

Chris said...

Oh, Daisy, I KNOW! My kids are just running RAMPANT through the public school system, spreading VILE LANGUAGE wherever they go!

It's just embarrassing.


I'm going to suggest she "get a life" at the next parent-teacher conference. Gee. How do you think that will go over? haha Actually, this blog is my outlet. I'll just LET IT GO in real life...and take a bit of amusement over the idiocies of life with me. ;)

ALF said...

That is nuts! As a child I remember my mom telling me it was ok to say Heck but not Hell.

Christine said...

Shit, Chris---"Heck no!" is not a swear.

Yeah, I debated a long time on that comment but in the end I could not resist.

My kids, for the record, have not heard me swear (except for the oldest boy, That One Day That He Is Lucky He Lived Through). And they never swore until the oldest hit high school and learned all those words.

Now, when the house is full of high school friends, I just keep walking around saying, "Hey! Keep it G Rated, folks! There are KIDS in here."

Chris said...


Ya know, I would have WON the bet that you would say that!!! HA!

NOW what am I supposed to tell Sarah when she wants to read the comments? hmmmmm.... Since you were SO helpful, I am sure you can come up with something... :)