Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flurries at their Finest

I just got back from swimming. I have to say, swimming indoors while watching the world turn white outside from the millions of snowflakes floating through the air... well, it's spectacular. The pool room has a wall of windows on one side. It makes all the difference to the enjoyment factor.

Ten minutes in the hottub watching the same scene... AWESOME!

I think I'll go back. :)


Speedcat Hollydale said...

last time I was swimming was on a road trip for work. Always invigorating.
Long ago, I was staying at a hotel that had an underwater tunnel to a small pool area outside. Warm water in the winter. Pretty cool!

Chris said...

That underwater tunnel sounds really neat!

I could have stayed in the pool and watched the snow fall while doing laps for much longer than I did. I was afraid of what was happening to the roads!

Your duet today was EXCELLENT! You should sing more often. :)

Summer said...

I'm jealous. It's sounds so peaceful. Why can't we have flurries while swimming indoors? We have freezing rain and crazy drivers. ugggh... It really does sound nice though Chris.

Daisy said...

Hot tub---sounds good to me! :D

Chris said...

Hi Summer!
It was WONDERFUL! I wish I'd had my camera. There was just such an unreal feeling about it, though. Not something you can capture on camera.

Hi Daisy!
Yes, the hot tub is VERY GOOD! :) Pretty much the highlight of my trip to the gym, actually. :)