Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Crazy Story

Let me just be clear, the STORY is crazy, not me. It's not up for debate, no matter what you think. :)

Yesterday, I posted about fearing mice in bonnets. I also mentioned my "bug dreams" and selling Boyds Bears online. In this story, all three come together in a terrifying manner.

Anyone who has owned their own business knows the stress of it. The long hours, paying your suppliers, dealing with customers, etc. etc. It's satisfying, but has real headaches attached as well. And on top of all that, I was working into the wee hours so I could take care of Sarah and Thomas (when they were babies) during the day.

So, here you'll see one of my fears:

Now, I did say mice in BONNETS and that mouse is not wearing a bonnet. Just be patient.

So, I was particularly stressed one Christmas season with getting Boyds Bears shipped out in time. Honestly, people always acted like I was shipping them emergency insulin not a stuffed animal. But, I digress.

Extreme stress brings on nightmares from which I cannot seem to wake up.

I was slumbering peacefully when across the bed came a FIELD MOUSE. And you know how FAST those things move. Well, I SHOT out of the covers and was standing on the bed screaming when Rob finally woke me up. I made him take all the covers off of the bed. Because that thing WAS THERE, I tell you!

The thing was, the mouse wasn't just any ordinary mouse. It must have had special powers or something because it was WEARING the BOYDS BUNNY TAMI'S HAT! A bonnet.

Here's Tami, still with her (soon-to-be-removed) bonnet:

Now, I don't want to know what that evil field mouse had to do to get Tami bunny's bonnet, but it can't have been good.

So, I've had a real aversion to mice in bonnets ever since. Wouldn't you? :)


My Cup Is Full said...

Hi Chris! I'm de-lurking. I'm not creepy I promise!

I have a serious aversion to any creature that is 100 times smaller than me yet can run faster and jump higher. It isn't natural! And if it has the ability to wear a hat then it better scurry back to Cinderella or it will find it's way into a not so friendly environment at my house.

Chris said...


I've been to your blog before by linking through Summer's. I never thought you were creepy! :)

Your blog is very entertaining. :)

All I can say is, "Thank goodness that mouse was a figment of my sleep-induced imagination!" :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I am lurking here wondering when the mice in bonnets are going to attack.

They want to bite me, right???

WHOOAAAAAAAAA >>>>>>> theres one!

Seems she / he was so fast the bonnet flew off. (taking it with me for my dog)

my dog(s) is/are very small

The females name is cookie!

Chris said...

Hey Eric!

Glad you stopped by! :)

I have BANNED your site because according to your comment log, I have become a COMMENT HOG.

Can't have that.

So, banned. Not forever. I'll sneak over tonight to check out the new entry. :) But no comments! Oink! :)

Don't you worry about offering people cookies at your house?

HEY! I NEED THAT BONNET here for PROOF! They are fitting me for my straight jacket unless it's returned and I can prove my case! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??????