Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cookie Irony

Yesterday morning I logged into my email account and was happy to find 5 comments on the cookie swap post I'd just done.

Here's the funny part. Sandwiched in between my email copies of the blog comments, I found the following emails from How did they know? :)

Best of SparkPeople:
Getting real about weight loss

The Weekly Spark:
Counting Down the Calories in Holiday Cookies

There is some irony here! :)


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Cookies are SOOO small, they have no calories!

Chris said...

Well, Eric, of course YOU would think that. :)

Just how many cookies can you eat without gaining weight, anyway? I bet it's dozens.


I, on the other hand, dare not even read the INGREDIENT LIST, let alone let a morsel of cookie goodness pass my lips.

Summer said...

I'm with Speedcat on that one. Cookies are so small and innocent. How could they ever be bad for you?

Chris said...

Oh, Summer.... OH REALLY. Is that so? :)

I am sensing SABOTAGE! :)

And, I'm telling your mother. :) Maybe she'll bring in some extra-small, harmless cookies for that snack table at work. heh heh heh

Daisy said...

Uh-oh. The Spark people are watching you!!!! 8-O

I think Christmas cookies have no calories. The rest of the year regular cookies have a ton of calories. Christmas cookies are exempt though. So if the cookie is in the shape of a Christmas tree or a wreath or Santa or star or snowman, etc. then you are safe. HA HA!

Chris said...

Ummmm... Daisy.... do you see that "tickerfactory" picture on the sidebar chronicling my slllllooooow weight loss? (4 pounds is just to my next GOAL, not the final product).

Well, that shows that ALL cookies add calories because I GAINED back that .8 weight loss yesterday because someone brought us a HUGE plate of YUMMY Chrismas cookies... and I indulged... heavily.

OOOOPS! :) Note that I didn't correct the weight loss ticker yet... too depressing to add weight back ON... I'll just see what happens between me and the evil scale tomorrow!