Thursday, December 18, 2008



I did it. I made an appointment to have my hair cut and styled.

Why is this a big deal? It's been a DECADE since I last had my hair professionally cut. That's right, TEN LONG YEARS.

I've learned to cut it myself pretty well... as long as you don't notice the back too closely. :) After awhile, I just let the back grow all one length and either had my husband cut it (whining about it all the while, let me assure you, because he was afraid of cutting it crooked) or my daughter. Yes, the twelve-year-old daughter. Not sure why Rob was worried once he knew I was letting Sarah cut it occasionally. Hey, I'm brave. :) Or, maybe just in denial. If I can't see the back of my head, no one else can either, right? Sure.

Why did I stop going to a beauty salon? Well, first it was that I didn't want to offend the stylist by going elsewhere after she gave me a really horrible haircut. That's what happens when you live in a TINY town and the stylist has just joined your church. So, it was either drive way out of town, or learn to cut it myself.

And then, of course, I began to LIKE cutting hair. I cut Rob's hair and Tom's and Matt's. Sarah's doesn't need much since she just wears it long. They generally all look presentable. :)

So, tomorrow at 10 AM I get my hair cut. I AM NERVOUS.

The part that makes me the most nervous is that my hair has issues. It is OLD hair now. :) It used to be full of body and plentiful. Well, now not so much. It is down to my shoulders, though. I haven't had hair that long since about 3rd grade.

Okay. Deep breath. :)

I think the worst part is going to be the people who notice it's cut. "Oh, hey! Christen got her hair cut!" I've noticed that when it looks bad, people just comment that you got it cut, and leave it at that. I'll be listening carefully to what people say. Or, maybe I'll just wear a hat. :)

I'm brave enough to let a twelve-year-old cut my hair... but am I brave enough to post my picture after it is finally cut professionally? Ha! I doubt it!


Summer said...

Oh my. Chris, I'm so proud of you. It's not just about getting your hair cut. It's pampering yourself too, and you deserve it. Someone else shampooing your hair for you is worth it alone!

Have you picked your desired style out? Always take a picture with you. It's easier for them to know what you're wanting (I used to have a roommate that was a stylist). I'm excited for you.

I have an appointment today actually. Hopefully she won't laugh too hard about my bangs! lol. I'll post mine if you post yours.

Chris said...

Hey Summer!

Post a picture of your bangs BEFORE your hairdresser fixed them... and we'll talk. hehe Your bloggy fans REALLY wanted to see that picture!

I have a picture. It's an old one of Kyra Phillips from CNN. They will probably laugh. If only they could do a face transplant too! :) I just want a more trendy hair style and I know that's beyond my haircutting skills.

Thanks for the support! :) I really appreciate it.

DMLD said...

Good luck tomorrow. I just switched hairdressers recently and have to tell you, that I have never had a better stylist than the one in the little shop right down the road from my house. I'm sure you'll love it.

Good luck

Chris said...


My neighbor goes to this stylist. I have to admit, though, I just picked her because the place is called, "Kristen's." :) That made me smile. It's always good to start into these things with a smile, right?

I think your hair looks great on your blog! I hope my stylist is a good.

DMLD said...

It's Dec. 19 - - - How did your hair go? Post a photo if you can


Chris said...

Hi! I wish I was brave enough to post a photo. :) But, I'm not. Yet. Soon, though, I hope. The stylist assures me it will look even better after the sides grow out some more. I'm looking forward to it! :)

I'm just hoping I can style it the way she did when I try tomorrow morning.

cynthiablue said...

I hope you have fun with it! i used to never have my hair cut... just let it grow and trim it every few years. But now my niece does hair and she does a great job so it's fun to go in and have it done!

Chris said...

Cynthiablue... Well, today, as I tried to style my new hair for the first time... I'm rather thinking my method of not having mine cut was the way to go!!!

I LIKE your method! MUCH less stress! :) Getting it cut once every few years works for me! It is nice that you have a niece that can do it for you, now, though.

Daisy said...

I hope you like your new do, Chris! :)

Chris said...

Hi Daisy!

I like it, but I need a hair straightener so I can make it look like the stylist did. Right now, it just looks pretty much the same as always and I want it to look STYLISH like it did yesterday!!! :) So, I've been looking at hair straighteners today. I had NO idea there was such a variety!

Daisy said...

Oh dear. Wish I could help you, but I know nothing about hair straighteners. I have curly hair and long, long ago gave up fighting with it trying to make it do something it didn't want to do. Best of luck to you getting the look that you want. :)