Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'll Have a Little Fat with That

It's a noisy day around here. :) We've been doing Legos all morning (which seems like a quiet activity but is somehow not). :) The kids are home from school due to ice/snow. We don't have much here in the valley, but up on the hill where the high school is, they got 4 inches.

So, now the little munchkins are hungry. It is nearing lunchtime. They begged for meatballs, salami/cream cheese, and cheese cubes. Hmmm... Somehow, I'm not thinking that is a good lunch. :) Tommy also wanted chips. Personally, I find salami/cream cheese roll-ups to be disgusting, but my mom got them hooked on them and actually BRINGS them to us.

So, I tell them, "SURE, fine, go for it. BUT, at dinner tonight your ENTIRE plate will be VEGETABLES. Preferably green leafy ones. A big HEAPING plate of veggies. YUM!"

Six eyeballs whipped toward me, flashing with horror!

I grinned. Mwa haha! :)

But then they surprised me. They said, "Well, can we have a potato with them?" And they were PLEASED!

So, I'll make them eat a few carrots now and then really enjoy the completely healthy meal tonight. :)

But, I am wondering if I'm being a completely horrible mom! :)


Summer said...

Chris, I'm coming to your house for lunch. haha. Anything with cream cheese will do it for me! :)

Chris said...

Summer, you are WELCOME to the salami and cream cheese roll-ups. REALLY. I'm most pleased to share! :)

I love cream cheese too ... but salami ... not so much. Unless it is fried salami. Oh, I can eat that!!!! :)

PerfectTosca said...

I chewed up a buncha legos once.

Cream cheese is really good stuff. I don't get much of it because the woman is a health food freak, which is really disgusting. SHe gives me a carrot all my own every day. I eat it but I keep thinking of hot dogs. Once in awhile she gives me a paltry chunk of hot dog, but I have to do forty thousand tricks for it. I gotta get outta this nuthouse.

Chris said...

Ah Tosca! Those Legos aren't good for your teeth at all!

I got a whole hotdog the other day. It was fully cooked but frozen and fell out of the freezer when mom was looking for some spinach. Mwa haha!

The best part, NO TRICKS!


Daisy said...

Sounds like you are doing just fine to me. It is all about balance I think. :D

Be careful don't step on the Legos in bare feet. That hurts! ;)

Chris said...

I am cringing just THINKING about Legos and bare feet!!! OUCH!!

I am also happy to report that there were no complaints at all over the mostly veggie dinner! :)