Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ranger our Foster Sheltie is a Bit of a Butthead

See those oh-so-sweet innocent faces? Hmmmm... Better look twice! Matt is just as sweet as he looks (even though he is bouncing off of the walls today because it is his 7th birthday!).

However, don't be deluded by Ranger, a.k.a. Rocket-butt. Our collies don't know WHAT to do with him. Even now, they are laying around the house in a comatose state. Ranger keeps them all riled up and in racing dog mode! This is SO not like my collies! They are slug collies and proud of it! It's a very special breed and took years of careful development. Keeping up with Ranger is exhausting them!

Even I have felt the effects of his presence, literally. He doesn't like me to leave the house, so in proper herding dog technique, he grabs my shoes, my coat, my purse, my foot, my leg, my... well, ANYTHING (ahem) large enough (ahem, ahem) to keep me in the house. OUCH!

And my poor feet. They are toasty warm now, mind you, but they must never hit the floor under my computer chair without a sheltie head on top of them. I sit down, he lays his head on my feet. Yes, yes, OH SO CUTE, but then my feet go numb because he looks so endearing... and I don't want to move him... because he is, after all, an abandoned dog looking for a new home.

Let's not leave out the new dents in my stomach. I have a recliner. I enjoy watching TV in my recliner with a big micro-fleece blanket tucked in all around me. Bliss. NOT ANYMORE. As soon as 'ole Ranger-butt sees me snuggling in, he decides he wants part of that action and FLIES IN THE AIR (with NO WARNING) and lands his FORTY POUND self on my STOMACH. OOOOMPH! I have permanent dents. The dog is an acrobat.

Okay, okay, he is also the snuggliest little critter. Once on my lap, he tucks his head under my chin and sighs. Adorable.

Man, this little guy is going to be hard to give up.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Happy birthday Matt!!

I don't have constant companions at the keyboard, but I do have visitors. I think they all take numbers and then come by in order!

dog, cat, dog, dog, cat

BIBI said...

Awwww that is such an adorable pic. Happy birthday Matt!

Did you know that in someways a dog is better than a spouse?
-No matter how long you leave them they are always happy to see you!

tatumtot said...

Ooo Ranger looks like fun I want to come play with him! The Mum here says I am the only collie in the house that can keep up with the border collies. I love to run and run! The Mum said the other collies in the house would rather be couch potatoes. But that's soooo boring!

Chris said...

Hey Tatum! Ranger says, "Welcome!" :) ...and he bets you can't keep up! He's FAST! :)