Monday, December 22, 2008

A Sad Hair Day

I think it qualifies as a sad hair day when you sort of wake up and realize...

1) Your new hip hairdo really looks rather like the hairdo you had in eighth grade... which makes it an overgrown version of a Dorothy Hamill style when she won the Olympics (I feel OLD!) and NOT the spittin' image of the picture you took in to the stylist... which was a really nice pic of Kyra Phillips from CNN.

2) The hair you've spent 6 months growing out is now SHORTER than when you started. SHORTER. And I really wanted some long hair for once. I was really loving how it felt swishing around on my neck. Unfortunately, the hairdresser likened it to a .... to a.... (I can hardly say it...)... to a (whisper) mullet. OH NO! Really, it did NOT look that bad. It was just how it grew out and I didn't style it before I went in to get it cut. I was just trying to give her something to work with. But, she took the AXE to that idea. Literally. In the form of some very sharp sheers. Bye long hair. I loved you.

3) You need a hair straightener to mimic the look the hair dresser left your hair with... and which you cannot duplicate... and you have NO idea what kind to get because heaven forbid should you buy something that would hurt your already hurting hair. Did you know severe iron deficiency anemia makes your hair fall out? Did you know that gray hair is NOT the same texture as your original locks? So, now my hair kind of makes me wanna cry. But I won't. Because there are way bigger things to cry about than HAIR.

But, now I remember WHY I quit getting my hair professionally done. It's so much easier to just not pay any attention to it at all. Yes, DENIAL sometimes is easier to deal with. I'm goin' with that. Sniff.

Fortunately, I still have a Christmas tree to decorate and it's my favorite, a Hallmark miniature tree which was given to me by my dearest friend ever. And I'm quite sure she didn't give it to me because of my HAIR. This will be a darn fine distraction.


The "me" my hair wants to be (Yes, yes, I know. JUST the hair. The rest is just an "I WISH." Sadly, my hair isn't much longer than my EARS. Sigh. This is the pic of Kyra that I gave the stylist.):


Summer said...

Okay, I'm here to help, and your hair texture looks similar to mine. I used to have that hairstyle. Very easy to work with. The Christmas list I'm giving you can be purchased at any Wal-Mart or Target.

You need a root lifter (Garnier). It even gives direction on what to do. It's foamy!

You need Frizz Ease Straight Spray (It's very light). Okay. I'm going to give you easy instructions. Wash your hair at night, apply products. Blow dry with rollbrush. If you aren't rollbrush savvy, do it in sections-working underneath to top. My hair takes 3 sections. Use your own judgement. So the next morning, your hair will be a little messy. Do you have a flat iron? If so just run it through your top layer. If not, bust the blow dryer back out. This process won't take more than 15-20 minutes.

Good Luck!! And don't feel bad about your hair. Mine is so dark, it's almost black.

Chris said...

Hi Summer!

WOW! These directions are GREAT!!! I really think this will work!

Thanks for giving me some HOPE today. I was so discouraged over it. I was honestly thinking of giving up on this style and just chopping it off to my regular hairdo. I mean, at least I know how to fix that one!

So, THANK YOU!!!! You have no idea how helpful this is! I've always had really short hair, so even having it a little longer just leaves me feeling helpless. And I HATE to feel helpless!

Daisy said...

Aw...I'm sorry to hear your new do isn't behaving the way you would like it to. I've definitely been there, done that. My hair has been super short and super long and everywhere in between. I hope Summer's tips will help you get it acting and looking the way you want it to. I have curly hair and I gave up long ago trying to get it to do anything except just what it wants to do. It has a mind of its own and doesn't listen to me anyway! HA! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. :)

My tip is just wear a big smile and nobody will notice your hair! HA! (not much help am I--sorry about that)

Chris said...

Ummm... Daisy, I'm thinking you are absolutely right that if ALL I'm wearing is a BIG SMILE, absolutely NO ONE is going to notice my hair! hahahahahahaha

Now seriously, THANKS! I'm starting to wonder how it would look all shaved off. Just start from scratch. :)

DMLD said...


If you look at any photo of me, my hair is pin straight. It is truly FRIZZY and WAVY in real life. I have to straighten it every day. I have tried every product and straightener available.

ONLY buy the CHI a little expensive but worth it. I have the light blue CHI straightener and the CHI spray for irons and blow dryers. My hair never has split ends or looks dead. You can get it at any beauty supply store. I buy my stuff at ULTA, because it is a little less expensive there than anywhere else. If you don't have a store near you, they have a website,

Good Luck


DMLD said...

I find the whole rollbrush thing to be a big pain. I flip my head upside down and blowdry. It always is a mess, but about 10 minutes with the straightning iron takes care of that. No products necessary except the spray right before you iron. Quick and easy. I am done start to finish in about 15 min.


My Cup Is Full said...

I'm sorry about your hair troubles! I was trying to save money once and went to supercuts...walked in with split ends and walked out with a freaking mullet. I kid you not. I cried and then shamefully sulked back to my ridiculously overpriced hair professional! Luckily I have since found a happy medium. Summer's tips are great! Frizz Ease is awesome! And if you can spring for a straightener the CHI is great (be aware that it gets has taken me some time to adjust to it) but really before I invested in the CHI i loved my $20 conair straightener from Target! They do wonders!!

DMLD said...

That's a great price. And like I said, make sure you get the thermal protecting spray - it will keep your hair healthy and won't let all that heat damage it. Just a few squirts right before you iron it does the trick.

Also, don't get discouraged, it took me a bit to get the feel of using the iron. I found doing it in sections from underneath to the top layers works best for me because my hair is so thick, but my daughter can do her whole head at once in about 5 swipes.

Again, good luck.

Chris said...

You guys are GREAT!!!

I have a CHI in my shopping cart at Amazon. It looks good! I really appreciate the recommendations for it. I would never spend even $70 on it otherwise (it's down from a supposed $190). Another site has it for $75 and includes a 1 year warranty, so I might go with that. I've heard they break easily.

THANK you for the tips on the heat spray stuff! I'll be SURE to buy that too!!

Okay, thanks to all of you, I feel HOPE again. Man, I needed that. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!