Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Visit with Lassie

I always wanted to meet Lassie and now it looks like I have! :)

Thanks to a friend, I have a new profile image with a famous star! BTW, that's Lassie #3. There have been a bunch.

I'm on the left. :)


(Thanks Eric!)


Speedcat Hollydale said...

What a nice photo ... I heard that Lasie 3 is the nicest one. Is that true??

About the contest - OOOOPS!

HA HAAAA!!!!! I keep thinking about that, and then all of a sudden I am at some photoshopping store. (wink)

Chris said...

I think it must have taken great skill to photoshop such a nice photo. :) Thanks!!!

About the contest... I scoured the internet for HOURS trying to find a pic of Marilyn to compare with yours, finally did, posted, kind of won, and NADA. Well! HUMPH! :) Really, HOURS and HOURS.

I hear that photoshopaholics are BANNED from all such stores until OBLIGATIONS ARE MET! haha

OOOOPS indeed. :)

leslie ruth said...

Well, the rolls were good. Except I'm not sure I let them rise enough and then I made the HUGE mistake of putting the pans on the very bottom rack because our oven was so full. so they tasted pretty good but the top and bottom were just different colors :)

The concoction with all the butter was the apple cobbler I made for Jason. And yes, it does call for large amounts of brown sugar. What good cobbler wouldn't?

Thanks for the compliments on our table!

Summer said...

I'm so sorry to do this to you but...


Visit for the rules.

PerfectTosca said...

Lassie was a boy in drag, whereas I, on the other paw, and a REAL WOMAN!

I did a whole story on this!

And then I did BrokeBack Lassie and SuperCollie!

Champie and Harley said...


Those links are so funny! I wish everyone knew about that Lassie being in drag. It always shocks people! It's really quite the scam.

Thanks for stopping by!

Champie and Harley (the Wonder Collies)