Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks Giving

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Monday of this week I was feeling quite the grinch. One of our cars failed state inspection and since it's a 1991, we had to retire it. So, the days of no car payments are over for some time to come. Sigh. Puts a bit of damper on the fun of Christmas shopping, that is for sure. To say nothing of the absolute joy (ahem) of just having one car for awhile.

So, I was still feeling a bit grumbly yesterday as we went to the grocery store to pick up dog food. The dogs were a trifle upset that I forgot about them when I did grocery shopping on Friday.

We were driving down the street to get to the main road when we come across an elderly lady STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. Odd, to say the least. So, we stopped to see if she needed help. It ended up that she needed a ride to the bank and was doing her version of hitchhiking. Now, I've seen her around the neighborhood quite often. I was never quite sure what to make of her since she walks around in winter coats in the middle of summer.

Bottom line, when I'm 90 years old (or so), I sure hope someone is around to help me get to the bank so that I don't have to stand in the middle of the road (in freezing temperatures) and flag someone down. So, we took her over to the bank and brought her back home.

It made me very sad seeing someone so in need of such simple assistance. And that made me think about how grateful I should be to even have ONE car, let alone two. A car that I CAN DRIVE and that gives me freedom to do things like go to the bank and the grocery.

I'm feeling somewhat embarrassed about my "bah humbug" attitude, let me tell you!

The entire time this sweet old lady was thanking us profusely for helping her out, I just kept thinking, "No, thank YOU."

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Thanks for sharing that story! Makes me extremely thankful for the things I take for granted on a daily basis!